Chapter 1320- Fighting Azure
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Zhan Long Chapter 1320- Fighting Azure (Teaser)

Wind blew in my ears. Things weren’t too peaceful after I entered the north. Along the way I killed many batches of Sword Spirit Cavalries. Their wariness was far more than before and without a doubt, it had to do with Frost and Zhi Shu entering. The only thing I had to confirm now was their exact location.


I looked down on the ground and smoke rose up in the distance. Maybe as war had gone on for a long time, these were many small Hybrid Demon strongholds and there were corpses all around, most were hybrid demons but some were humans. Their armos and weapons were custom made for Dragon City. Dragon City warriors had came here!

I looked around and didn’t see any dragon corpses. Fortunately the dragon riders didn’t suffer casualties here. Frost, Zhi Shu, Lanais all had god grade strength so they wouldn’t let the dragonrides die so easily.

Suddenly, I saw a stumbling figure. It was a blood demon dragging a Dragon City soldier, level 6, that consumed human bodies.

I dove down and kicked its stomach which caus…