Chapter 1321- Only interesting thing
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Zhan Long Chapter 1321- Only interesting thing


Butterfly stabbed into the body of the Magma Warrior and I said loudly, “Zhi Shu, go help Frost, leave this to me. I will settle it and then I will head over!”


Zhi Shu roared and turned around, turning into human form which attacked Azure’s back. But she was unable to pierce through his protection and only left a crack on it. She roared and turned into a dragon that pounced. Frost regained some of her strength and stood in the sky. She panted, fresh blood flowed along her arm and splattered on the ground.


“Ka ka ka…”

Butterfly and Gan Jiang slashed around. Just lifesteal alone allowed me to solo this Magma Warrior. I had killed Dalun, Kate and Yin Huo and now I was back to level 251. The Lord’s level suppression had disappeared. Apart from Azure, I was confident to solo any Lord Grade Boss. Even Sif would have a chance of being defeated by me. After all, I had the high grade god divinity, with 225% stats and my top equipment, also with the supreme country weapon, it wasn’t surprising.

Moreover, I had a reason to want to solo this Magma Warrior. His experience was definitely not low and it might give me some levels and it would help in the battle against Azure.

Finally, under Sword Tempest, the Magma Warrior fell and his shriek spread through the entire canyon. At this point, only 7 hell demons remained from the 10 that Azure had summoned.

“Shua shua!”

Golden light scattered and I was at level 253.

When I was about to attack Azure, Frost looked towards me, “Xiao Yao don’t come here, Azure used his lifeforce to summon 10 Magma Demons, his strength has been weakened by 50%. This is our chance, kill them. Each one will weaken his strength a little. If you can kill all of them, we won’t have to fear Azure!”

So that was the case!

I was delighted, would we really have a chance to kill Azure today? If that was the case, China would be safe. After all, Clear Black Eyes and Sky Rose were planning to use Azure to counter China but if we could kill him, that would be a heavy blow to them. It would be fatal for the Western and Northern troops. The most important thing was that the bell would definitely be heard by them!


Help Lanais first, she was ranged.

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