Chapter 1319- Capturing Pearl
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Zhan Long Chapter 1319- Capturing Pearl

Many Dragon Hunter Nets spread out in the sky. Pearl’s mobility wasn’t a doubt as she flew to dodge them all. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Mocha etc charged over in God Form. They all took turns to tank but they still couldn’t hold on. They were different from me, they didn’t have added stats once they died and they would only become weaker.



Lin Wan Er held her daggers and dashed forwards before descending. She used City Shaking Dance by Pearl’s side and instantly her movement slowed. Two giant nets covered both her and Lin Wan Er. Pearl’s expression became sharp and she looked at Wan Er, “Little Beauty, you are asking for death!”


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Lin Wan Er retreated with her Dragontooth Blade and used the Flash effect on her ring to move 5 meters away to get out of the Dragon Hunter Net.

Pearl was slightly stunned but she smiled, “Do you think this net can capture me? Stop dreaming!”

She shouted and darkness energy surged around her that exploded and broke the net into pieces. She slashed at Lin Wan Er. But she wasn’t slow either and held the umbrella to enter defensive stance. However, Pearl’s attack was too strong and her sword attacked 7 times, each dealing over 200 thousand damage. Even if Lin Wan Er shared the silver dragon’s health she was unable to take it and she died. She even dropped the Dragontooth Blade.


Mocha grabbed it and tossed it into her bag, “Block her, wait for Wan Er to revive!”

But Pearl had given the order to retreat. The Thousand Hand Monsters were flying towards the north. With her intelligence she wouldn’t just give up here. Sif also only had 30% health and was retreating. Qin Ge was shot badly and after killing hundreds of thousands of players and NPCs, they had to retreat.

Right when Pearl was preparing to leave, Lochlan stepped on the walls and pointed at Pearl. He shouted loudly, “Pearl, flee, flee all you want! Tian Ling City will fight back. I swear that if I don’t trample over your territory I am not a human. Flee, today if you don’t kill me, I will definitely kill you in the future!”

I was shocked, Lochlan was too smart, he was attracting aggro.

As expected, Pearl’s face was covered in killing intent. After all, she wasn’t the real pearl but just an evil spirit in her body. In terms of calmness, she was definitely much weaker than the real one.


“Then as you wish, I won’t go!”

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