Chapter 1318- Shocking 7 kills
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Zhan Long Chapter 1318- Shocking 7 kills

Level 245, the level suppression that caused attacks to be missed and damage to reduce was reduced. At least against the Lord bosses, I could solo them. What a joke, with 225% stats increase and God form, whether or not we could block the various Lords depended on me.


“Next one, Kate!”

I turned around and looked at the equipment dropped, “Use strength to split the equipment!”

Lin Wan Er nodded and walked forwards to flip Dalun’s equipment. When she picked up a sword, she was shocked. It was purple and was Dalun’s Seven Kill Sword. Lin Wan Er shared it to the party and everyone was stunned--

Seven Kill (Supreme Country Weapon)

Attack: 27000+35500

Strength: +1050

Stamina: +1020

Magic: +1000

Agility: +970

Bonus: Raise user’s attack by 235% and attack speed by 30%

Bonus: Ignore 55% of target’s defence

Only effect: One Kill Move Mountains, raise weapon attack by 120%

Only effect: Two kill Break Gods, ignore 80% of target’s defence

Only effect: Three Kill go against reincarnation, 30% chance of healing 10% health when attacking

Only effect: Four kill shocking hell, when a target is killed, unable to revive in 4 hours

Only Effect: Five kill shocking spirits, deal 50% added damage to light faction targets

Only effect: Six Kill Soul Snatching, when killing darkness faction, provide 40% more experience

Only effect: Seven Kill Army Breaking, raise allies attack within 500 yards by 100%, constant buff

Effect: Well-trained, reduce level required by 30

Introduction: Seven Kill, Dalun’s weapon, a weapon trained in hell for tens of thousands of years, the person with Seven Kill can sweep hell and all gods and demons will avoid him

Required Charm: 2000

Required level: 255


“Damn, another Supreme Country Weapon…” Ye Lai’s eyes opened wide, “China is rich, this Seven Kill Sword changed sides? Did it?”

Fang Ge Que nodded, “Yes!”

Fang Ge Que looked at me and asked, “Based on strength, who do you think we should give it to?”

I said honestly, “Give it to Q-Sword, his combat points are higher than Jian Feng Han and Mocha.”


Thus Seven Kill Sword ended up in Q-Sword’s hands. He was excited. Even when the Hero Mound Guild leader got such a top weapon he was extremely happy. After all, five star god weapons were common, epic was rare and such supreme country weapons were top. There were only three so far, Dancing Forest’s Rising Sun Bow, my Butterfly and this sword.

Clear Black Eyes and Sky Rose probably didn’t expect this right? They pushed Azure to attack China but didn’t expect that we would get one more Supreme Country Weapon. Not only that, there might be even more.

As for giving it to Q-Sword, it was to increase the overall strength. At this moment, the chinese were really united. Seven Kill Sword’s Seven Kill Army Breaking effect was prepared for the wall, it was similar to my Butterfly. My effect was to increase the effects of equipment by 20% while he was to increase attack by 100%. These two stacked together, how terrifying would that be?

“Xiao Yao thanks!” Q-Sword raised his sword in thanks. After all, I was the one who killed the boss, so he was able to get it because of me. If I didn’t agree, this sword would end up in someone else’s hands.

I nodded, “Continue to work hard!”

I sent Mocha a message, “Rou Rou don’t be angry, I have a reason for giving it to him.”

Mocha laughed at me and replied, “Boss, I am not stupid, I know that you want to use it to unite Hero Mound. After all, they have 150 thousand players and are a main force. I know, moreover, my points are indeed lower than him.”


I sent messages to Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K etc top Zhan Long players to explain why I gave it to Q-Sword. Li Mu and Wang Jian were all wise people so naturally, they understood. Only Old K didn’t understand and said, “Why did you have to give such a good weapon to an outsider”. Naturally, I didn’t know what to tell him, forget it, I shall just explain it in the future. Maybe Fox and Wolf can help me.


After calming down everyone and splitting the two five star god weapons that Dalun dropped, we turned towards Windrider Kate!

Near the wall, Kate held a spear and was summoning the wind. The storm swept the walls and turned the Royal Army and Guards Army troops into meat paste. Several storms caused the area in the walls to be struck, destroying many potion shops and buildings. This Windrider kate’s attack was strong and now it was time to test the defence.


I shot forwards like an arrow and knocked Kate. I waved my swords and dealt dozens of attacks at once. Kate’s health fell at a visible rate. A Royal Army Major held his sword and shouted, “The Executor is leading the troops, don’t be afraid. Archers, kill that jerk controlling the wind!”

Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai, Mocha, Lin Wan Er charged over and attacked from all sides. Kate wasn’t a fool and hollered, “You despicable humans, do you think you can kill me like that? Wind Shield!”

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A giant wind element shield appeared around him. I used Wind Carrying Slash and the 15 golden sword energies shattered the shield. His skill entered CD and couldn’t be used. Mocha laughed, “Well down boss!”

Kate panicked and waved his spear at me to send a storm flying at me. I used Star Shield to block it. He was then hit by Q-Sword and Fang Ge Que and his health started to drop. As the weakest of the 11 Lords, Kate was indeed far weaker than Sif and Pearl.

“Be careful, Sif is coming!” Q-Sword said loudly, “I will block Sif, you all be careful!”

Q-Sword led Tang Gu, Tang Qi, Goodbye Tears etc players to fight Sif. Although he couldn’t win but he could hold on for some time.

Lords had AI systems so if one was attacked, the others will help. After Kate was surrounded, Qin Ge and Pearl appeared around. Especially Pearl’s attacks, a sword was extremely strong in her hands and the walls were covered in holes. The north wall was about to be destroyed.

On the walls, Han Yuan’s blade was covered in blood and his face was filled with pain,
“Your Highness Pearl, do you not recognise us? We are the Royal Army? You…”

How would Pearl recognise them, she just smiled viciously and slashed down!


Han Yuan landed in the distance like a broken kite and Xiao Lie helped him up, “You fool do you still not understand? She isn’t Pearl, she is just a hybrid Demon.”

“I don’t understand!” His eyes were covered in tears, “I don’t know why such a good person would become a Hybrid Demon. I don’t understand why you will attack her. I rather get killed by her than raise my weapons at her!”

My body shook. Today I realised that I underestimated Han Yuan, such a direct guy was deserving of respect.

From afar, I ordered, “Xiao Lie, lead the Royal Army to delay Pearl, don’t kill her. Everything else would be much simpler!”

“Yes Sir!”


After Xiao Lie ordered, the Dark Moon Elves pointed their arrows at Pearl. They had to attract her and stop her here. She definitely couldn’t be allowed to flee if not who knew when we would have such a chance? A familiar person appeared on the walls, it was Lochlan who was holding the emperor sword!

“Cousin…” Lochlan looked into the sky and said.

Pearl’s face was filled with killing intent, “Scoff, Tian Ling City’s little emperor? Hey, maybe today I should bring your head back, if not Lord Azure would be disappointed!”

To calm everyone down, I shouted, “Frost has led many dragonriders to kill Azure, Pearl stop dreaming, you might not have a chance to see Azure that demon.”

“What are you saying!?” Pearl looked at me and her face was filled with rage and disbelief.

Of course I was bragging. The chance that Frost could kill Azure definitely wasn’t over 30% but Pearl didn’t know that. Her strength was below Frost and naturally she feared Frost. If I said that Frost could kill Azure there was a 50% chance she would believe it.

Pearl who wanted to kill Lochlan stopped and gritted her teeth. She raised her chest and shouted, “Hybrid Demons, retreat!”


How would it be so easy for them to retreat now!

I shouted, “Pearl, Mocha, Li Mu, Wang Jian, hold Pearl back. Even if you get killed don’t let her run. Use more Dragon Hunter Nets to reduce losses!”

Lin Wan Er nodded, “Understood!”

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