Chapter 1239- The Hunter
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Zhan Long Chapter 1239- The Hunter


The Ancient God Tiger roared and all the hair on its body stood up. It challenged the leader and the bunch of slaves. But there were too many of them and I didn’t have the confidence to win. I retreated and searched for the best location to battle them, if not things wouldn’t be easy if I could be ganged up on.

At the same time, I locked my eyes on the leader. After a few seconds, I finally saw a line of golden words--

Scattered Spirit Hu Yong (One star God Boss)






Introduction: Scattered spirit, warriors scattered in Shattered Silence World, these spirits turned into low grade and incomplete god divinities after years of cultivation. They are between gods and demons but enslaved a bunch of soldiers. They occupy areas and call themselves kings.


Low grade divinity?

I was shocked. It seemed like this Boss couldn’t be my divinity. Forget it, kill him first!

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I spread my hands and used Blade Spin to pierce through this Scattered Spirit’s body to deal 300 thousand damage. Not bad, my attack could break through is defence. That Hu Yong hollered in rage and his spear turned into a spiral wind blade that thrust forwards towards my chest. I saw it clearly and my left hand turned into Star Shield to block it. Butterfly used Strength of a Thousand Men and after three hits, I slid forwards to knock him aside. I then used Wind Blade to deal 500 thousand damage.

This Scattered Spirit was being totally crushed by my combo. He roared, “You mortal, I will crush you. You have come to the wrong place!”

Unfortunately, even though he shouted loudly, he wasn’t my match.

At the same time, I fought while retreating and didn’t fight them head on. I knew the stats of the slaves, their attacks were really high but their movement speed was slow. So I kited the boss while kiting the slaves too. The Boss could be killed but not the slaves. Seeing how dumb they were, I realised that they could be useful.

The one star god boss didn’t have much health and after 15 minutes, he was down to low health.



The sword gave out a sword ring and I used Seven Star Fragment Slash on Hu Yong’s head to kill him!

“Ah ah ah…”

A low furious roar and this scattered spirit’s body shook and flesh started to fall off. What shocked me was that the boss gave me little experience, less than 10% of that of other bosses in the normal world. Apart from that, it didn’t drop any equipment at all. The bosses in this God World Ruins were just so poor?

I walked forwards and kicked it. Something shone on the ground and on a close look it was something similar to a gem. It wasn’t a gem but something with some life energy. It was small and not complete as there were marks on it. Was this the legendary God Divinity?

I picked it up and the system notified me, “Congratulations, you have obtained incomplete god divinity, complete 10 and you can merge them into a low grade god divinity!”


Damn, what was the use of this? I didn’t even want a low grade one much less an incomplete one. I spent so much effort and got such trash.

I felt slightly unhappy. I turned around and saw that the 32 slaves were now well behaved. Lu Xing walked over slowly and knelt down. He kowtowed, “Master, I knew you could kill that evil guy. Master, I am yours from today onwards. You can order me around!”

Facing such a despicable slave, I didn’t want to order him around but I did need them to do things for me. I asked, “You are my slaves from now onwards so let me ask you a question. Apart from Hu Yong, are there stronger gods? I want to challenge him!”

Lu Xing was afraid and trembled, “We… We are just slaves, we are the weakest here. We… How will we know where the gods are…”

I smiled and pulled out Butterfly, “Since that is the case then you aren’t useful to me. Come, spread your necks and let me slice them off.”

Lu Xing got even more afraid, “Master don’t be mad, I didn’t mean that!”

Another slave knelt down, “Master, although we don’t know where those gods are but we know who knows!”

My eyes lit up, “Who?”

That slave said, “I lived only 5000 years so I am actually quite young. I have only been dozens of miles around this place so I know nothing about the outside world but I know someone. A hundred thousand year old slave, he is the lord of the slaves and he definitely knows what you want to find out!”

I smiled, “Okay, how far away is he, bring me there.”

“Yes Master, he is hiding in the mountains, it will take 2 hours to get there.”

“Let’s go!”


No worries, I had time. Slowly, anyways I needed a mid tier god divinity to ascend or it would be too little for my identity. I am the top player so how could I ascend with a low grade one?

32 slaves walked forwards slowly and I followed behind. I left their cave. Thinking about it, these slaves were pitiful and were forced to follow a new master to a new life.


There was nothing on the ground and the slaves just stumbled forwards. They held their badly made weapons and after 20 minutes, there was a loud shriek. My slaves knelt down in fear and Lu Xing shouted, “It is The Hunter, Master be careful!”

Hunter, what was that?

I frowned and looked at the sky. A giant being pounced down and a dragonrider riding wind dragon was wrapped in a black cape. His arm and legs had a shining black armor and he held a spear.

I entered Icy Wings state and faced him with my swords!

“You are asking for death!”

He roared in rage and his spear thrust towards the gap between my swords. This was what I wanted. I flipped my wrist and my swords spun in an exquisite angle. I wrapped his spear and dragged him to the ground. At the same time, I leaped up and kicked his back!



I kicked and dealt around 100 thousand damage. This Boss’s stats were not bad. At the same time, I noticed that my strategy wasn’t too good. This Hunter’s stats were much better than I thought. He waved his spear and used a spiral energy to attack my crotch to deal 210 thousand damage. So strong, he was at least a five star god general!

I didn’t think about retreating at all and continued to use skills. Golden light rose up from my body and I used Wind Carrying Strike on his body to deal huge damage. But this Hunter wasn’t frightened by my attack, he was just confused, “Ancient techniques?”

He dealt a series of attacks with his spear and I used Star Shield to block half of them. Along with my attacks, I maintained my health above 70%.

While we fought, the 32 slaves knelt down and didn’t move at all. They didn’t look like they were going to help at all. So shameless, however, I had already expected that.

The Hunter continued to attack and when he saw that my health was above half, he knew he couldn’t kill me. He smiled viciously, “Such a strong mortal, hehe, Shattered Silence God World is going to be interesting, I shall let you off. Don’t let me meet you again!”

He rode his dragon forwards and pierced two slaves to capture them. I used Dragon Hook to try to stick onto the boss but they missed. No choice, the five star god boss’s stats were above mine.

The two slaves didn’t make much noise before I heard chewing sounds and bones shattering. It was as if… The two of them were eaten by the Hunter?

I looked into the sky and was shocked, “This…”

Lu Xing looekd at me, “Master… Are you okay? You are the first person I have seen to challenge the Hunter. The few masters I followed were killed…”

“Is the hunter so strong? Why will he eat the slaves?”

Lu Xing was calm but the light in his eyes dimmed, “This world is a strong eat weak world. There aren’t mortals, only death and eternal. Death refers to us. Eternal refers to gods like the Hunter, their life force won’t disappear. They obtain power by consuming things so some of them become hunters to search for food.”

I, “...”


I continued forwards and now I had a basic understanding of this place. It was indeed a dog-eat-dog world. Without strength, one wasn’t anything here and one would just get killed. With strength, you were a god, you were the king.

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