Chapter 1240- Human Realm
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Zhan Long Chapter 1240- Human Realm

After close to an hour of walking, I was welcomed by two more hunters. I brought the remaining 24 slaves to the destination. It was a bald mountain peak and on it were many weird looking stones. This was indeed a good place to go into seclusion, this slave that lived for a hundred thousand years really did have taste.

“Master, this is the mountain.”

The slave told me, “He is the lord of the slaves and people who know him call him Blood Elder. Although I have never seen him but I have heard of his name. Master let’s head out, who knows if Blood Elder is at home.”

“En okay.”


I led the slaves up the mountain. The Butterfly in my hands shone brightly while the Ancient God Tiger roared and followed beside me.

Blood Elder’s cave was at the top of the mountain and there was a stone door I walked forwards and knocked onto it with my handle. Very quickly a hoarse voice spread out, “Who?”

“A visitor that wants to seek help.”

His voice was really calm, “You should go, I have nothing here that you want.”

I turned the sword and stabbed Butterfly into the stone gate without saying a word.

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The person inside understood something and said, “Come in…”

Along with a low rubbing sound, the stone gate opened slowly. I saw clearly that this slave master didn’t look different from the other slaves just that his bone was slightly darker and he had a mustache on his chin. On close look, that was just some algae.

His home was really small, it was just the size of a toilet and he was inside. Beside him was a stone table and on it were some old scrolls. There was also an oil lamp shining in the darkness and the light couldn’t compare to any piece of equipment on me.

He had such a tough life!

That was my first impression. Moreover, his bones had some crack-like patterns. He looked at me and said, “Mortal, what do you want?”

“I would like to ask something.” I said.

“What is it, ask, but whether or not I reply is another matter. After all, people won’t help others for free in this world.”

I knew this was the case and smiled, “Actually it isn’t much. I just want to ask, the Scattered Spirits are noob gods and Hunters are stronger. Are there even stronger gods? Where do they stay at?”


He mocked, “You should be talking about going lower, the true gods live underground.”


“Right, in the abyss.”

“Abyss?” I was confused.

The Blood Elder laughed, “Mortal, you are just a mortal so give up. Tens of thousands of years ago someone like you looked for the god divinity but he was swallowed. You will too, before you find the god divinity you need, you will get consumed.”

I smiled, “You don’t have to worry about what happens. Let me ask you, how do we find those real gods?”

Blood Elder was calm and said, “They… They all live in the deep abyss. The deep abyss is ten thousand meters down but that isn’t some place we can go to. We can only envy for a hundred thousand years and wait for a day when a Hunter descends and consume our bodies.”

That was just so pessimistic?

I laughed, “What is the deep abyss like? How many gods are there?”

Blood Elder looked at me and his eyes were filled with sadness, “The deep abyss is split into Human, Earth and Heaven Realms. Human Realm has low grade gods and I don’t know how many there are. Earth Realm has mid grade gods and I also don’t know how many there are. As for the gods in Heaven Realm, I am not sure but it is not fixed. Sometimes they wild descend to the ground and sometimes low grade gods will head over and die.”


I swallowed my saliva, it seemed like this Shattered Silence God World was complicated!

He laughed coldly and looked at me, “Pitiful mortal, how much do you understand the gods? I have lived for 100 thousand years and apart from a high grade god, I have seen all of them. The Scattered Spirits are just scum, the Hunters are a low grade gods that gave up their pride. Only the gods below are true gods.”

He was actually a little excited, “Low grade gods are called God Ancestors, the mid grade ones are called God Kings, the high grade ones are called God Emperors. Legend has it that there are 7 god emperors and they are the seven rulers of the god world. You are just a mortal so how can you touch those god divinities?”

I smiled and was lazy to reason with this pessimistic fellow. I held up my sword and asked, “I just want to ask you where the entrance is. I don’t have to dig a ten thousand meter hole right?”

He smiled, “Ignorant mortal, there is a god demon barrier that you can’t pass through. You need to enter from the deep abyss entrance but I won’t tell you. Rather than let you die there, I should let you die here. Your bones will become a slave and can raise our strength.”

I looked at the pitiful slaves and smiled, “You have enough so I don’t have to join in right? How about I give you a gift and you tell me where the entrance is?”


“What kind of gift can you mortal give me? Won’t they just be some lousy weapon…”

“Don’t worry, the gift I give won’t be lousy.”

I took out the divinity fragment from the Scattered Spirit. Right, from the conversation I could tell that this Blood Elder was just the ruler of them. What did such a person want? To increase his strength. He wants to become those that suppressed him. So if I gave him this, this gift wins any weapon.


As I expected, his body was shaking. He looked at the shining fragment and said, “This… Is this the legendary God divinity fragment?”

I nodded, “Right, this is what I got after killing a Scattered Spirit, it isn’t of much use to me.”

He grabbed it and looked at me gratefully, however, he was confused, “Mortal, your goal isn’t to ascend? You obtained this fragment through such hard work so why give it to me? Why, I don’t understand!”

“Then don’t understand, just tell me where the entrance is?” I smiled.

He was so emotional that he couldn’t calm down, he pointed behind, “Cross this mountain and you will see a dead water stream, the stream is poisonous and you must hold your breath and enter. The bottom is the entrance. You must be able to fly or you will get shattered, apart from that…”

His smile was a little devilish, “You must be careful, don’t get swallowed by a God Ancestor right away.”



I had no time to talk to this crazy old man. I held my sword and said, “Okay thank you, when I ascend I will return to thank you. You should pray that I can kill a God King or God Emperor to get a divinity, if not…”

Blood Elder, “If not what?”

“If not I can’t bring a low grade god divinity back for you.”

“Dear, you must return…”


“I disbanded my slaves and told them to follow this Blood Elder here. But they might not be peaceful for long and some Scattered Spirit will come to conquer them. Or the hungry hunters will pass by and eat them all up.


I flew out of the little hut and dove down the mountain. At the depths I saw a green stream and it looked like those badly infected factory pipes. A stench spread out and I closed my eyes and mouth right away. I waved my left hand and used Star Shield to block the water. Tsk, this skill was so good, star power formed a shield and made me impenetrable.

The stream was deeper than I thought and it was close to hundred meters. Further down was a wind that pushed upwards. I sliced in against the wind.


My body pierced through this barrier like a bullet and in front of me was pitch black. The endless abyss was up ahead. I spread my wings and flew down.

Ten thousand meters, it wasn’t far but it wasn’t near either. After flying for some time, there was some light. The first floor of the god world, Human Realm was finally here!

I was excited and emotional, who knows what lives these God Ancestors had?

However, my anticipation didn’t bring me anything good!


My eyes lit up and I passed a barrier and appeared above Human Realm. I turned around and saw a blue sky but ripples were spreading out. As expected, it was a world below. This Human Realm was a world, now this finally looked like a God World!

Just as I was thinking about it, energy ripples spread out from the distance. Someone was here!

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