Chapter 1238- Weak domain
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Zhan Long Chapter 1238- Weak domain

After flying close, I chose to talk to the Ascension Stone and instantly a word column appeared--

System Notification: Please note, every player that reaches level 235 can obtain the ability to ascend but you can only ascend once every seven days. After you obtain a divinity you can refine it but you can’t bring it out. If players drop below level 235, you will be moved out. Ascending once will cost 10000G, will you ascend?


Good fellow, such strict conditions. They collected so much money at once. Seems like this ascension was really luxurious and many players would get stuck at level 235, unable to reach level 255. Moreover, after players refined the divinities they shouldn’t be as strong as the NPCs right? Thinking about it… The divinities weren’t worth that much money. Han Yuan was a three star god general but in terms of one against one, players could still kill him. Q-Sword, Fang Ge Que etc had a chance. It seems like gods had true gods, quasi gods etc. Frost, Azure, Sif, Gaia etc were true gods. Chi Yuhan, Han Yuan etc those Hybrid Demon Territory five star god generals were quasi gods. But they were good enough, at least they sounded nice.

Confirm, ascend!


There was the sound of gold falling to the ground. Mei Er and I were teleported out and a ripping pain spread from around me. Dragon and I were ripped into particles. This space teleportation formation was much more painful than normal. I could only see light streaming around me like I had entered the stars. Dizziness covered me and this lasted for two minutes. Finally, my eyes lit up and I was slapped onto the ground!


Mei Er’s strong body smashed into a giant piece of stone, rolling forwards with me. She even gave out a female cry, “Wa so painful.”

I barely supported myself to get up and it was still really dark in front of me. Mei Er and I rolled for close to a hundred meters before we stopped. I had also lost half of my health so I hurriedly drank a health potion and used Cleansing Rain. I rubbed her head and told her not to move. We had just arrived on this plain and we couldn’t be too arrogant or we would die a terrible death.

There weren’t any plants in front of us and nothing was living. Even the stone looked so old. If there was a word to describe this place it was- Empty! True emptiness was probably like this, it made one feel suppressed and loss.

“Sha sha…”

I rode Mei Er and stood up slowly. I looked around and clicked on the map. This map was called Shattered Silent God World. This shouldn’t be the true god world, it was just a forgotten land so it was more appropriate to call it God World Ruins.

There weren’t any red dots at all which meant that there weren’t any monsters.

I rode Mei Er and she walked in this quiet value. At the same time, I summoned the Ancient God Tiger. Although its combat strength couldn’t keep up with my level and equipment, but it was still of some help and it was better than me fighting alone. The moment the tiger was summoned it roared and looked around warily. Even the king of the beasts was so nervous, one could tell that this map was indeed far more terrifying than I thought.

I didn’t dare to fly and just brought the two pets to walk slowly in the valley.


I walked for close to an hour and got out of the valley. This was a pitch black plains and all I saw was emptiness and I couldn’t see anything at all. I even suspected that the system was trolling players as there was nothing here at all?

Just as I was thinking about that, there was some movement ahead. I activated Icy Wings and Mei Er turned into ice wings that gathered behind me. I lowered my voice and floated over with the little tiger. Below was a swamp with a white skeleton waving a rusty spade and digging the dirt. It dug while muttering, “Dig… I dig… Dig some bones with meat and the leader won’t whip me anymore. I dig, I will continue to dig…”

I found it amusing but I just looked at the skeleton’s stats. I couldn’t even see its name, like this thing didn’t even belong to the game.

No, I couldn’t wait here, I had to go ask.


“Keng keng” swords came out of the sheath. I raised my hand and used Seven Star Fragment Slash on the skeleton. Who knew that he would raise his head and his senses were shocking. He grabbed and a flame wrapped sword appeared in his hands. He moved and dodged it. At the same time, he slashed at me and shouted, “Invader… An invader full of flesh has appeared in the god world, great, I will kill you and take your life force!”

He slashed and I didn’t dodge, let’s test his attack first. After a “peng”, that fire sword left a mark on my armor and also dealt 110 thousand damage. Good fellow, was he a boss? This attack was similar to a three star god boss!

But from his words, he was definitely a small character and there was a boss above him!

I used Strength of a Thousand men in front of his chest and dealt close to a million damage. At the same time, I shook my left hand when he attacked to form a Star Shield. I used my movement to block three attacks. His attacks were quite fierce and the Star Shield had started to crack.

But my attacks were even stronger and after a few attacks, his health was down to 30%. When I was planning to kill him, he tossed his sword to the ground and begged, “Sir let me live, I am wrong, Lu Xing is willing to pledge loyalty to you!”

“Lu Xing?”

I smiled. This monster’s AI looked quite high and so I said, “Tell me, what are you? Why are you here and what are you searching for? Who is the boss you speak about?”

The skeleton known as Lu Xing said, “Lu Xing is just a skeleton, a living skeleton. I don’t know who I am but that boss calls us slaves. We are just a tool that digs for food, food that has been buried for thousands of years, or some weapons, weapons dropped in the god world. The boss I am talking about is amazing people, I… I don’t know anything. Sir don’t kill me, I am willing to be loyal to you!”

He was shaking and he was actually afraid. This was quite amusing. Looking at how ugly he was, it was good that I wasn’t shaking, who knew that he was even more afraid.

Would that boss be a god?

Since I was here to find god divinities, then I shall face him.

Thus, I tapped his head and my fingers left a hollow sound, “Since you are willing to be loyal to me then let’s go. Bring me to see your boss. Since he enslaved you then I shall ask for an answer for you!”

Lu Xing kowtowed, “Thank you Master, long live Master!”

He stumbled up and raised his shovel. He walked on the desolate land and led me into the darkness. I looked into the sky and there was no starlight at all, not good… I had Star Shield and in this place, I couldn’t sense any starlight at all. Or rather, did this plane not have stars at all?

Lu Xing walked really slowly so I didn’t rush him and just walked slowly with him.

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But this skeleton looked really loyal and just walked while dragging his shovel. He turned and instructed, “Master, this ground is really tough so don’t trip, also… The boss is really strong so be careful. Lu Xing doesn't want to lose such a merciful master.”

I smiled, “En I know, don’t worry.”

“Okay Master.”

“Where does your Master stay at?”



“Right, Broken Silence God World has nothing except underground where people can live in, this… All living things are underground.”

No wonder. I asked, “Lu Xing, do you know who here have god divinities? Is your boss a god, does he have one?”

“God divinity?”

His body shook even more, “Master don’t ask me all this, god divinity… That is not something I can know about, I don’t know anything, Master don’t ask any of this…”


Continue forwards and after ten minutes, he pointed at a cave and said, “Master, we are here. Shall I lead the way?”

“Okay, enter!”

I followed the skeleton, bending down and entering the cave. The little tiger growled and followed.

Along the way, Lu Xing roared towards the sides and other slaves appeared. Their eyes were empty and they climbed down slowly. Dozens of them followed behind me.

“Keng keng!”

My swords came out of my sheath and I had a bad feeling.

Further ahead, an old desk appeared with rusty weapons. A guy in armor sat on a stone chair and red light shot out from the helmet. So this was the legendary master.

What I didn’t expect was for Lu Xing to kneel down and kowtow, he said loudly, “Ah, my respected general, look what I brought for you, a fresh human, a mortal that just has the ability to ascend. General, cut off his head and feed on his blood. He can provide you more strength so that you can fight with Red Blood Vampire King!”

Damn, despicable?


I pointed and shouted, “Lu Xing what happened to me being your master? Why did you go against your word!”

His body still shook, “My dear master, I thought about it and feel that you aren’t his match. Moreover, he has 32 slaves and you aren’t on his level. Just admit defeat, I will pray over your corpse so that you can be born into a slave.”

So despicable.

People of this plane really weren’t good people. No wonder Frost told me to be more careful. Frost and Zhi Shu probably searched for a long time and understood things here.

Held Butterfly and Gan Jiang tightly. Since this skeleton didn’t think that I could win, then I shall win for him to see!

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