Chapter 1237- Flying to the Illusionary Realm
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Zhan Long Chapter 1237- Flying to the Illusionary Realm

Next day, afternoon.

Butterfly slashed off the Boss’s head. This was the final boss in S7. As a demon carrying teammates in the dungeon, this was my third time finishing S7. Tang Heart searched around the Boss’s corpse and held a bracer, “U have gathered 3 pieces of equipment of the S7 set, great!”

I smiled and noticed that I reached level 235 after killing the boss. The moment I did, a bell rang and told me that I couldn’t level up anymore--


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System Notification: Congratulations, you have reached level 235, your level is at the limit of a mortal and you are unable to increase. If you want, you have to ascend. As you are the third player to reach level 235, you have triggered the dungeon Ascend to Illusionary Realm. Only after ascending can you find a god divinity and continue to level!


Ascending to Illusionary Realm?

In the next moment, a bell rang, a new patch was released--


System Notification: Players please note, three players have reached the level cap of 235. To continue leveling they must ascend to become a god. We hereby announce that Ascend to Illusionary Realm will be released after the system maintenance. The server will switch off in 20 minutes. Players, please leave the training maps so that your game experience is not affected. The server will be opened in 5 hours!


“Illusionary Realm? What is that?” Dancing Forest stood in the S7 dungeon hall and asked.

“I don’t know, let’s get back to the city and wait for the announcement.”


I took out the city return scroll and turned into a white light to get back to Tian Ling City. I looked at my level and equipment, indeed there was not much to improve on. Go offline. I didn’t have much in the afternoon so I shall do something meaningful with my girlfriend.

2pm, offline.

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue left the game and didn’t know what to do. In the end, they decided to go out shopping. They said that it was autumn so it was time to get new clothing. Okay then, time to walk with them.

I was the one to drive, the A4 slowly drove out of the university door.

Lin Wan Er sat on the shotgun seat and pulled at the safety belt in front of her chance. I glanced and giggled. Her body really was good. Her twin peaks were perky and round. With the restraint of the safety belt naturally, she wouldn’t feel too comfortable so she always hated using the safety belt. Dong Cheng Yue sat at the back and laid sideways with jelly in her hands. Her snow white legs rested on the platform beside the driver's seat. I could see it the moment I glanced and it was quite tempting.

“I am level 33 and am just 2 levels away.” Lin Wan Er blinked and said, “What is this Illusionary Realm?”

I drove while saying, “If I am not surprised then it should be where the Heaven World and God World are at if not how will players search for god divinities. Now there are only three players, Fang Ge Que, Sky Rose and myself. I am planning to head in right away to gain some experience for everyone.”

“En, of course.”

Dong Chengyue scrolled on her phone and said, “The details have been released. It is just an Ascension Realm and they say that any mortals who ascend to be a god would enter there. They call it the God World. It isn’t a place where celestial energy wraps around you but a world where the strong eat the weak. After players enter, they need to kill a god expert to get his divinity and then refine it for himself.”

I smiled, “As expected, Destiny’s style is like that, the strong eat the weak.”

Lin Wan Er laughed, “Look at what you are saying.”

Dong Chengyue continued, “After entering, they won’t show the coordinates. The map is huge too so players won’t be able to form teams. This means that you have to search for yourself and there are no parties. Moreover, players might not be able to find one another within.”

I sucked in a deep breath, “This mode is quite interesting. Healers are the sad ones, they wouldn’t be able to fight bosses one against one so it is too difficult for them to ascend.”

Lin Wan Er said, “What if they drop a level while trying to ascend, that would be even more awkward.”

I laughed, “Who knows whether or not my Overlord Rebirth effect exists there, if not it would be hard for me too. To solo god bosses isn’t so easy nowadays.”



In the afternoon, we strolled the mall and the two girls bought many clothes. Lin Wan Er bought a suit for me and it was those that made one look energetic. It was still a little early so we decided to watch a movie.

We came to the cinema and the three of us hesitated. The movies were all really good, among them, two were china films. One was about love and one was about being a spy. In the end, we decided to watch a cartoon film, How to Train a Dragon 3, Lin wan Er had a plushie of him by her bed so since she liked it so we watched it together.

“Handsome, how many tickets?” The guy at the counter asked.

“3.” I confirmed with them and the two of them looked at me excitedly. They also said that they wanted popcorn and drinks, like without these they wouldn’t watch the movie.

The worker at the counter was twenty years old and he looked at me in shock. He then looked at the girls around me and was so envious that he was about to explode. He smiled, “Actually you can watch the night one.”

“Why?” Lin Wan Er asked.

He looked at Lin Wan Er, “Because there are fewer people so it is suitable for couples. Moreover, three of you… One will be a lightbulb…”

What he wanted to say was probably… There were fewer people at night, it was dark so couples could kiss or hug right? All of a sudden, Wan Er’s face flushed red and didn’t know what to say. Dong Chengyue hugged my left hand and said, “Little Brother what are you saying, none of us are lightbulbs, the three of us are together.”

He nearly hit his head on the computer and after passing the tickets to me, his face turned even darker. He probably felt that I was wasting beauty by hogging two of them.


After entering the theater, there weren’t many people. Dong Cheng Yue hugged the bucket of popcorn and sat on my left with Lin Wan Er on my right. Naturally, she grabbed my hand and my hand was also placed on her legs. She didn’t wear stockings so it felt really soft and I was so happy that I nearly fainted. The old man said that my cultivation was okay just that my heart wasn’t, probably because I was still a virgin. However, he was unhappy that I had Wan Er and Dong Cheng by my side. He wished he could become young once more but unfortunately, he didn’t have such a chance.

Dong Cheng Yue watched silently with her right hand on her own legs. She would glance at me. Actually, i knew that she wanted to grab my hand like Lin Wan Er but she didn’t. She knew that there were things she couldn’t do. Only in front of others would she do so to change the mood. Looking at how sad she was, I felt heart pained.

But I couldn’t do anything. Love was selfish and couldn’t be shared, if not that wouldn’t be love.

Luckily the movie wasn’t too long and it finished. The three of us had dinner outside and it was already 6pm. We drove back and just nice we could be there for the start of the new patch.


Back home, go online.


The moment the server opened, I entered. Within a few seconds, Tian Ling City filled up. From the few hundred to many more. The new patch could always attract more people and in less than ten seconds over 5 million were online. Tian Ling City was big enough but we were still squeezing together.


A message came from the system. A blazing golden word appeared on the right: You have satisfied the conditions, please head to Ascension Stone to apply. Tian Ling City’s Ascension Stone is at Ice Spine Mountain (27181, 72838).


I looked at the map and it was really near to Dragon City. Time to go!

I called out Mei Er. She grabbed the walls of the Great Shrine Hall and before flying into the air. I jumped up and tapped her back, “Mei Er let’s go to Dragon City!”

She roared before pushing her legs upwards. She flapped her wings to gain height. The players all raised their heads to look at me and nearly everyone recognised me. No choice, since entering the top 10 rankings in CBN, my fame continued to rise. Army System, Country War, patch wars etc, I was at the top. It was impossible not to gain attention.

Mei Er flew really quickly and in just 20 minutes she reached Dragon City. I didn’t choose to enter and just flew towards that Ascension Stone. She charged through the snow and brought me west. After two minutes, the snow shone gold. After getting close, I saw a giant stone hanging in the sky. This was the Ascension Stone.

Beside it were hundreds of Dragon City soldiers and also a crystal dragon. It was Qing Luo.

“Qing Luo?” I was shocked.

She also looked at me in shock, “Sir, you are flying too?”

I nodded, “En, my level is high enough.”

She smiled, “God power fluctuations are spreading from there. Who knew when this stone appeared here. Frost was worried that people would destroy it so she sent me to guard here. She also told me to tell you that this place was filled with dangers and you have to be careful!”

“En, I know.”

“And also.” She continued, “She told me to tell you not to refine low god divinities, that will just waste your talent.”

“En, understood, then I shall ascend!”

“Okay, be careful!”

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