Chapter 1209- Azure's power
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Zhan Long Chapter 1209- Azure's power

Pearl's attacks were still really painful but I wouldn't die because of them. After the 150% stats upgrade, my resistance had largely increased and even Lord Tier bosses couldn't easily break through my defence. Cleansing Rain+potions was much more effective. I also dealt attacks on the Spirit Umbrella Bugs so I basically wouldn't die.

However, I got more and more frustrated as a mysterious power was getting close. Moreover, it was a huge pressure that even Frost didn't give me.


"Weng weng weng..."

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The entire ground was shaking. I was underground and continued to try to dig up. The stone and dirt around started to crack. The entire Storm Abyss region was having an earthquake and I wasn't the source. It was Azure!

Pearl chased closely behind and I continued to check the map. I got closer and closer to the surface and Azure's aura was getting thicker and thicker. It was a pure darkness energy that made one feel really hard to breathe.

100 meters, 50 meters, 10 meters!

I got closer and closer and I was going all out to use my body and weapon to smash the surface. There were no more rocks and the dirt was really wet so it was easy to dig. At the same time, I turned around and saw Pearl using her sword to attack me with lightning. My health was down to 20%.


There was an eye piercing light in front of me and I was finally out. A Demon Hall Cavalry charged right at me and I didn't hesitate to use Wind Carrying Slash on him. I then used Double Hit on another Spirit Umbrella Bug to heal my health to full. When I turned around, Pearl's sword was in my chest!


It did hurt. I looked at Pearl's face and didn't say anything. I grabbed her hand and hugged her before using Icy Wings. I jumped up and led Pearl towards Dragon City. Pearl was a Lord Tier Boss but my stats were too strong and my strength was terrifyingly high that she was unable to struggle.

"Let me go you scum!"

She shouted in rage and raised her arms. Purple lightning swallowed her body such that the moment I hugged her I would be hit. Dense scorching pain filled me up. Pearl was a dual cultivator and her magic attacks were really painful. No, I might die before I even brought her back to Dragon City.

At that moment, a firm voice spread from the ground, "Kid, let her go or I will make you regret coming to Storm Abyss!"

Blood Abyss Azure, the legendary Emperor Azure!

I hugged Pearl to fly upwards and I was 100 meters from the ground. looking down, I noticed that the area north of Storm Abyss was shaking. There was a shocking explosion and a few miles of land collapsed. No, it wasn't a collapse, the dirt just turned into dust from the power of darkness. The area turned into a deep abyss. Was Azure's power the ability to destroy matter?

So scary!

"Zi zi..."

Lightning flashed in the abyss and slowly a person appeared from below. This was a guy covered in black armor and he had a blood-colored cape on. He held a spear and he didn't even wear a helmet. His handsome face was revealed and his short hair danced in the wind.

His face shocked me. I thought that Azure would be a monster but I didn't expect him to be around 25 years old. Just his face had viciousness that affected his overall demeanor. If not such a boss would be the idol of many young girls.

"Ah? !"

Not far away was a voice. I turned around and saw that it was a player. It was someone from Hero Mound, why was Ji Yuan here?

"Hey, ant?"

Azure looked at Pearl and smiled, "Let go of the girl I need the most. Pearl belongs to Hybrid Demon Territory and not you. Let her go and I will leave you with a complete corpse!"

I held my Butterfly and also hugged her neck, "Nonsense. Pearl belongs to Tian Ling City. You swallowed her soul and want to continue to imprison her body?"

Azure laughed, "Everything is under my control, so what if I enslave her? Kid, you are just an ant, do you think you can fight me? Do you think your goddess Frost can save you? Wake up from your dreams. I am not killing Frost to give her time to grasp the power of starlight so that I can consume her in the future. Do you not understand that theory?"

My face was still calm but my heart was filled with shock. If Azure was right then he was sure he could defeat Frost? If that was the case then Frost would be in danger. She had already grasped the power of starlight and Azure was actually so confident. He actually treats a god as a sheep to raise?

Darkness power slowly gathered on his spear and a dark mist wrapped around it. Space cracks also started to form around him to make a blood-colored barrier 100 meters around him. This barrier power came from Azure's body, or rather, he was getting power from the barrier?

It seemed like I wouldn't be able to bring Pearl away today. What I wanted to do now was to test how strong Azure was!


I released Pearl and after she broke free she immediately attacked me. I predicted that and kicked her in the stomach. I smashed the handle of Gan Jiang onto her shoulder and knocked her back. Seeing her break free from me, I turned into a streak of light that charged towards Azure!


My armor smashed onto the barrier like I had hit an iron pillar. This barrier actually have a protective effect?

I stabbed multiple times and opened a small gap in the barrier. I raised my swords and used Seven Star Fragment Slash. Come on Azure!

Azure raised his head and looked at me. His eyes were filled with a mocking smile as he raised his hand to welcome my challenge!


Sparks flew as Butterfly and Gan Jiang knocked his spear aside. The soundwave from it was really unbearable. Not far away, Ji Yuan was like a rat hiding from the energy waves. At the same time, he would turn around to screenshot.

My arms felt numb as Azure's recoil was too strong. If I met such a person in real life, I might spit out blood. After blocking my attack, Azure smiled even more. That was an arrogant and mocking smile. He shook his spear and placed it in front of him. Dark energy surged and 7 rings formed on it. He smiled, "Come, test my skills!"


The spear pierced through the wind quickly and I was unable to block or dodge it. I placed my sword in front of my chest to block and try to flick it up but I thought too much. Even with 150% strength, I was weaker than Azure. His spear was not something a human could block as my swords were knocked aside and the spear pierced into my armor.


As expected it was really painful. His stats were much higher than Pearl!

Not only that, those seven rings struck my body and each one made me feel like my body was being ripped apart. Each attack dealt 100 thousand damage. In an instance, I was down to low health and this was just one of his attacks!

What kind of attack was that?

I was shocked. I used Gan Jiang to attack from the left while Azure raised his spear to block. At the same time, Butterfly hit his left arm and dealt 200 thousand damage. I also turned around and kicked twice to cause him to lose balance.

It seemed like although his stats were strong but his battle techniques were far weaker. He was even weaker than players like Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han.

A golden light surged into the sky as I used Wind Carrying Slash. Before the 15 moves were up, at the 8th move I had absorbed half of my health back. I used the recoil to retreat and left Azure's barrier like a kite with a broken string.


At this point, Azure realised what happened and he laughed, "You ant want to escape?"

Ji Yuan looked at me charging over towards him and he exclaimed, "Damn, I was just passing by. Don't pass the aggro to me, I don't want to challenge him!"


Azure's domain power was too strong and I went from flying to falling onto the ground. I charged towards the south at a forest there where it was my best chance for survival. But Ji Yuan was unlucky as he ran after me. However, an Assassin was unable to keep up with me and his face turned green, "Damn, why is my life so tough!?"

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