Chapter 1208- Super digger
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Zhan Long Chapter 1208- Super digger

"Kill him, we must kill him, we can't let him escape!"

 Pearl shouted outside crazily. The Judge held his sword and entered the cave but it was just narrow that it was about to prevent The Judge from entering. He used his sword to stab my legs and arms which sent a scorching feeling into my body. But fortunately, my defence and health increased by 150% so I wasn't afraid of his attacks. Each attack of his only dealt 100 thousand damage but my Cleansing Rain healed 170 thousand. I healed every 7 seconds and my occasional attacks healed it too. Along with potions and also the 10% chance of triggering Dinghai's 50% health recovery. So I was able to challenge The Judge without losing much health!

 But that wasn't my goal, mine was to break through the ceiling and leave this place. If I didn't then I would have to face the Thousand Hand Monsters and their thunder attacks were magic attacks. They had a natural advantage against me and I couldn't tank it.


 "Peng peng peng..."

 Sharpnel flew about. The stone that formed the ceiling was really hard and it was frighteningly dense so they hurt my face when it hit me. But I continued to push forwards and was in charge of digging the area up. I allowed The Judge to continue attacking me while I pushed forwards 2 meters every minute. But this process was just too painful. Pearl followed The Judge into the cave and she would use purple lightning on me every few seconds. What was worse was that there were dense splattering sounds from outside. Pearl ordered the Thousand Hand Monsters to dig the ceiling too. The Thousand Hand Monsters were huge like excavators and tens of thousands of them dug the ceiling together.

 No, I had to be faster than them if not I wouldn't be able to escape. Even if I could kill The Judge, but to lose dozens of levels to kill one lord was just too much to pay. I was Zhan Long's spiritual leader so once I lost so many levels, the negative effect on Zhan Long would be huge.

 Thus, I continued to dig. Gan Jiang's durability dropped by 60% while Butterfly still remained at 100% due to its effect.

 I dug for close to an hour and had dug out a 200 meter hole. I even couldn't hear the sounds of the Thousand Hand Monsters. Did I ditch them?

 It was obvious that The Judge and Pearl were following while the Thousand Hand Monsters were gone.


 Right at that moment, there was a ring. My sword slashed on a silver rock and I was able to slice half a meter in. The rock wasn't so tough anymore. I had broken out!


 System notification: You have entered map Storm Abyss!


 As expected, I was out of Storm Hell and had broken the barrier between hell and the world. Damn, so barriers could be broken by digging, this was not what I expected!

 Behind me, The Judge's voice spread out, "Kid, where do you want to go?"

 I looked at him and his health was down to 71% due to me attacking him intermittently. I dug while focusing on dealing with The Judge. Since I was here, this lord can forget about leaving.

 I clicked on the map and saw that I was 7000 meters away from the top. En, time to finish him off before I reached the surface. As for Pearl, if it was possible, I would capture her alive.

Bring her back to Dragon Territory and Frost would have a way. Of course, this plan was really difficult. But no matter what, kill The Judge first.

 I used Wind Carrying Slash and sliced The Judge up. My Attack was just too high. Wind Carrying Slash's 15 swords along with Destiny Card dealt high single target damage. Each sword dealt 1.5 million damage so Wind Carrying Slash dealt 25 million. A Lord had at most 1 billion health so how many Wind Carrying Slashes could he tank?

 The Judge sensed that his strength wasn't enough and shock appeared on his face, "Your highness, this kid... He has obtained some strength and his skill has increased, I... I might not be his match!"

 Pearl squinted her eyes, "No need to worry. I am behind you. I will expand this path and fight 2 against one with you. This kid has to die here!"


 As expected, after a few seconds, Pearl used lightning in the small space to blow huge holes. She started to pincer me with The Judge.

 I didn't bother so much. At most I would just die and just revive. I shall focus everything on The Judge.


 Time passed bit by bit and The Judge's vicious face turned into cries. He couldn't handle my attacks. I relied on attacking him to heal up while blocking Pearl's attacks. I was able to maintain this balance. As long as I stop and focus on The Judge, my damage would be at least 3 million a second. That was terrifying!

 Very quickly, he was down to 15%. He hollered and used his special move. It was something similar to an all-in sword but the damage was just so-so. I ignored it and continued with my plan.

 "Your Highness, I can't..." The Judge's face was ashen white.

 Pearl held her sword with one hand and a lightning glow on the other. While dealing damage to me she said, "Don't give up, reinforcements are about to arrive. But don't worry, you won't die here!"

 "Yes, Your Highness!"

 I was stunned, reinforcements? What was that? We were 6000+ meters underground, what could arrive here? Definitely not Thousand Hand Monsters. Their tentacles weren't as sharp as my swords so they couldn't break out of the barrier.

 Right at that moment, shuffling sounds spread from behind me and a head popped out. It was familiar. On close look, it was actually a Spirit Umbrella Bug. Damn, this thing could dig?

 Around me, many Spirit Umbrella Bugs appeared. There were many dense holes out of which Spirit Flower Bugs appeared. Finished, Pearl knew what players were afraid of and actually sent out such an explosive monster!

 But my stats had a 150% increase which was similar to having 2.5 Overlord Sets. I wasn't afraid!


 A few Spirit Flower Bugs got close and exploded. Slight pain spread on my body and it wasn't that heart ripping pain from before anymore.




 I laughed when I saw those damage numbers. With my stats increasing, my defence and magical resistance increased greatly. Spirit Flower Bug's damage towards me was greatly reduced and it wasn't so scary anymore.

 I tossed out a set of skills and absorbed much health from the Spirit Flower Bugs that hadn't exploded. The more the merrier so I could absorb huge amounts of health.

 Pearl noticed that the situation was wrong too and shouted, "You idiots, his equipment has special magic that can absorb life. Use a launching method to blow him up. The Judge observe from afar, don't get hit by him anymore."

 "Yes, Your Highness!"

 I was stunned, what did she mean by launching method?

 Very quickly, the Spirit Flower Bugs floated towards the Spirit Umbrella Bugs. The Spirit Umbrella Bugs raised their tails and curled their bodies up to hook the Spirit Flower Bugs. They roared out crazily and shook their tail. Instantly, many Spirit Flower Bugs shot forth like a cannon. Damn, they could do that?

 I had no chance to life steal at all and my health was dropping!

 Pearl was really going all out. She tossed aside the Hybrid Demon Lord's pride and wanted to kill me. Even if her soul wasn't pearl, but the intelligence was definitely from her. This made me more sure that her soul wasn't consumed and it was in the body. 


 I used Assault and locked onto The Judge. I had to kill him first or the Spirit Flower Bugs would kill me!

 The Judge panicked. He actually held his sword and started to run back. He wanted to enter the gap in the barrier and get back into hell. But what he didn't expect was that the barrier repaired itself. We fought for 20 minutes and the tunnel behind was down to 20cm. It was so small so naturally, it couldn't carry his huge body.

 "Tsk... Tsk..."

 Purple lightning expanded. I ignored Pearl's attacks and just locked onto The Judge.

 I tossed skills at him and his health dropped. In less than 10 minutes, his body exploded and equipment fell from the sky. I didn't hesitate to grab them all and placed them into my bag. At the same time, a bell rang--


 System Notification: Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai has successfully killed one of the Hybrid Demon Lords The Judge, and obtained rewards: Level +4, Charm +180, Gold +1000000!


 The moment The Judge died, the rewards made up for my losses. Moreover, I gained 180 charm and 1 million gold for doing nothing!

 No need to stay!

 I turned into a streak of light that charged into the sky. I raised my blades and sliced like a spinning top. I charged towards the surface like an escavator.


 Behind me, Pearl said, "Li Xiao Yao, do you really think you can leave this place alive?"

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