Chapter 1207- Explosive attack
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Zhan Long Chapter 1207- Explosive attack

Thousand Hand Monster (Level 9 Hybrid Demon)

Level: 228

Attack: 39500-52000

Defence: 32000

Health: 220000000

Skill: Wrap, Consume, Flight, Thunderbolt

Introduction: Thousand Hand Monster, a bunch of monsters that came from outside the star region. After Azure tamed them they became a large species in the Hybrid Demon territory. They are naturally able to fly and are wrapped in metal to block attacks. Their strong tentacles can wrap around targets and even kill opponents. They can also summon lightning to attack their targets. Legend has it that once a Thousand Hand Monster entered the mortal world and Light God Hall sent 7 Saint Hall Cavalry to kill them. In return 3 of them died.


Flame light shone from Butterfly. I had 7 Thousand Hand Monsters in front of me and their giant bodies twitched in the sky. Each one had around 20-30 tentacles and they shone a metallic light. Their tips were really sharp. No wonder they were level 9 Hybrid Demons, they were no different from bosses.


I went full speed ahead at one of them. It opened its claws and fangs and screamed at me. Dozens of tentacles attacked. I predicted that and dodged most of it. I then slashed with Gan Jiang and smacked its head.

I turned around and tossed Gan Jiang out towards The Judge!

"Peng peng peng!"

Three attacks. I had a 60% increase in Attack so I dealt three shocking damage numbers--





The Judge obviously wouldn't accept that. He raised his sword to use a judgment attack. Heat swallowed my body and it was really painful. It was another 200 thousand damage attack. I turned around and used Strength of a Thousand Men on a Thousand Hand Monster to heal up. At the same time, I used Cleansing Rain to heal 130 thousand health.

I had to leave or I didn't have enough levels to drop here.

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But the heavens didn't think that way. 100 meters later I was stopped by two Thousand Hand Monsters. I tried to smash into them but their tentacles turned into a giant nap to trap me. When I hit them, they wrapped around my arms, legs and body such that I couldn't wave my blade.

"Du du!"

It was as if they were laughing out loud. Not far away, dozens of them shouted at the sky. Lightning flowed along their tentacles and bodies. My heart felt cold as I knew that I was finished!

"Pa cha!"

The sky suddenly lit up and thunderbolts landed right on me. I had no way to dodge. After getting hit by numerous attacks, my health bottomed out and I was insta killed again!


90% stats increase!


My body was wrapped but I still used Sword Tempest. The tentacles were shocked aside and I flew upwards. At the same time I spread my palm and Thundering Heavens exploded about. The Judge and Pearl were hit too.

But it was just a little painful. To rely on Thundering Heavens to kill them was just impossible.


I continued to fly forwards. The sky wasn't so bright anymore and it was pitch black. Dozens of Thousand Hand Monsters were flying about and I could only rely on the map to avoid them. However, The Judge and Pearl were too fast. Their attacks landed on me at pretty much the same time but with my 90% increase in stats, it wasn't so painful anymore. Their attacks went from dealing 200 thousand damage to 100 thousand.

I still couldn't be careless. Blue stars were shaking above but I knew that those weren't stars but the blue glow from the Thousand Hand Monsters. They were summoned by Pearl and were gathering here. Those bolts were so terrifying and even when I thought about them now I was afraid. I didn't want to get focused on once more!

I raised my speed and went full speed ahead!

My movement speed was really quick now. As expected, the Thousand Hand Monsters couldn't keep up. However, the two Hybrid Demon Lords were right on my tail like they were here to claim my life.


Pearl held the King's Blade and smiled. She said loudly, "Demon Hall Guards, close the demon eye exit, I want to see how long Li Xiao Yao can survive here!"

"That..." I felt bitter and picked up speed. 2000 meters away from me was that demon eye!

But, that exit was slowly closing. Was Pearl really planning to kill me here?


"You won't be able to leave!"

That light slowly closed and Pearl laughed out loud proudly.

"Peng", I smashed into the bottom of the eye and it felt like I had hit metal. The eye didn't move at all but my shoulders were in pain. I slashed and after dozens of hit, it was like a boulder that didn't move at all. This thing seemed like it was immune to attacks.


Pearl raised her sword and a lightning glow wrapped around it. She was Hell Purple Thunder and her comprehension of thunder was far from normal. The sword slashed into my chest and dealt 270 thousand. Pearl's strength was above average among the Hybrid Demon Lords and her attack was even higher than The Judge!

Behind me, The Judge laughed arrogantly. His sword slashed across my mantle and triggered Twin Dragon. I gritted my teeth and used Cleansing Rain to heal---


90% increase in stats caused my basic Attack to go from 80 thousand to 160 thousand so my Cleansing Rain effect increased too. But that was not enough. Pearl and The Judge were just too painful!

I used the level 20 Double Hit onto The Judge and healed a lot. I relied on flying to get behind him to use him to dodge Pearl's attacks. The Judge was stunned. Pearl moved over viciously. She raised her palm and a thunder ball exploded on my chest.

She followed it up with a strike which sent me flying upwards!

I didn't believe that this Storm Hell had no ceiling. If there was, I would pierce through it and get back to the mortal world!


I flew while using Blade Spin to attack The Judge to heal up. But Pearl's attacks were too strong and she sent lightning onto my body. The Judge's speed reduction was disgusting too. I stumbled around and not long later I died once more. This was the 4th time and my stats increased by 120%!

Quickness effect buffed, Destiny Card locked onto The Judge. I got a red card so he was just unlucky!

I turned around to use Strength of a Thousand Men on The Judge. The sword stabbed right into his flesh. After the 120% increase, The Judge's defence was nothing to me. With Destiny Card+Godslaying, my damage to the boss had increased 4 times. Once I critical struck him, it would deal huge amounts of damage--












I attacked 5 times and along with my 30% lifesteal, my 1.43 million health was filled up. I raised my swords and sliced onto his shoulder. I used the recoil to fly above! At this point, I could see that he had lost a bunch of his health. It seemed like after losing 4 levels, I could challenge this Hybrid Demon Lord.

But Pearl was even stronger. Even if I had lifesteal I might still get killed by her. It was tough to fight two against one. Moreover, I was worried that my level was too low. Once the difference in levels was 20, I had a higher chance of missing.

I flew for 7 minutes and finally, I saw the top of the Storm Abyss. It was a dark red energy layer. Gan Jiang smashed onto it and sparks flew. I left a 5mm mark. Heavy stone landed on my face and it hurt.

Behind me, Pearl and The Judge were here! A blue light lit up as thousands of Thousand Hand Monsters chased. Once they got close then the lightning glow would be enough to swallow me up.

I continued to attack the roof. I had to leave!

"Peng peng peng..."

Sword light scattered and after dozens of attacks, I left a human sized hole in the roof. This was it. I had to break out of here and find a bug spot. Maybe I could kill The Judge here. As for Pearl, I didn't plan on killing her. Pearl just had her body occupied and her soul might be a part of it. Since Azure brought Pearl's body out, I would think of a way to revive her!

The lightning glow attacked once more. Lightning swallowed my body. I didn't have time to attack The Judge to heal as I lost another level!

I lost 5 levels at once. Even Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Wang Jian, Mu Xuan, Fang Ge Que and Simple messaged me to ask me what was going on. But I couldn't reply as I was hitting a hole!


I had a 150% strength increase and I was much more efficient. Not long later, half my body was in the hole. I used Strength of a Thousand Men to dig 30mm in. The stone landed on my face. But there was a piece of good news, when I was in, those Thousand Hand Monsters were unable to lock onto me.

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