Chapter 1206- Ten hand monster
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Zhan Long Chapter 1206- Ten hand monster

This person was really Pearl? She had a similar body to Pearl and had her aura. Even her jewelry was the same as Pearl. What reason did I have to think that she wasn't Pearl?

But, if she really was Pearl then why would she be sitting here?

I had ten thousand questions in my heart but I was already standing there so I didn't have much time to think.


At the side was a Hybrid Demon Lord in red armor. He held a golden sword, he was the 7th ranked Hybrid Demon Lord-- The Judge!

The Judge's body didn't show any signs of decomposition. A real Lord Boss didn't have flaws. Their bodies were close to perfect. The Judge was around 30 and his face looked righteous. Of course those were fake as righteous people wouldn't be standing there.

"Hey little kid!"

The Judge looked at me and laughed coldly, "Are you frightened? You have seen Her Highness Pearl so why aren't you kneeling?"

I said with a cold voice, "I know that she isn't Pearl!"

"Is that so?"

The girl pulled open her veil and a beautiful face appeared in front of me. Her voice and looks lingered in my head, if this person wasn't Pearl then who was?

"I..." My words were stuck at my throat and I didn't know what to say.


Pearl smiled at me, "Li Xiao Yao so If I am not Pearl then who am I?"

I didn't know what to say.

Pearl stood up and she held a blade in her hands. She laughed coldly, "Li Xiao Yao look at what you have done. I passed Royal Army and the empire to you for you to support the my brother but what did you do? You colluded with Lanais to shoot him and then you led the barbarians into Tian Ling City. You even supported their son Lochlan to take the throne!"

Her eyes were filled with rage and disappointment, "Li Xiao Yao you really disappoint me, did I want you to do all that? Tian Ling City has been buried by you, the bloodline is not pure anymore, as for you... You did so many things just so you can take the throne. Tell me, don't you feel thorns on your back sitting on the throne?"

I stood there and my heart felt like it was being sliced by her words. Right, what was I doing?

The Judge laughed arrogantly, mocking me.


After a few seconds, I raised my head and my eyes became clear. I looked at Pearl and said, "I can answer to myself for everything I have done. Owen was power crazed and Lochlan can let the empire last for long. Only then can I prevent Luo Xun from wanting the throne. I protected Tian Ling Empire and turned it from one throne to three. I can answer to myself, as for you, you are not Pearl!"

Pearl was stunned and she smiled, "If I am not Pearl then who is?"

I smiled, "Pearl handed me the world and told me to do things for the sake of the world. How would she be here, how would she sacrifice lives to choose Demon Hall Guards. Why would she train so many troops to threaten the safety of the kingdoms. You are not worthy of her name!"

Pearl stood up,

her eyes were filled with rage, "Li Xiao Yao who are you even to doubt me? Let me tell you, you can forget about getting out of here alive. I will let you die here!"

She jumped and pulled out a sharp blade. Before I could blow she turned around to strike. Her sword slashed my chest and dealt 240 thousand damage. So painful, that was also a basic attack!

I swiftly stabbed Butterfly into her hands and my handle blocked her handle. At the same time I struck her with Gan Jiang and pushed myself forwards to knock her back onto the pillar. Dust fell and the entire palace shook. I looked into her eyes and shouted, 'Who are you, where is pearl? You are not Pearl, you are not Pearl at all!"

Her eyes were filled with a mocking expression, "Nope, I am Pearl. Apart from me, who else can be Pearl? Come, feel my breathing, feel my embrace. You will notice that I am Pearl. Every part of me is Pearl, but..."

She pressed onto my chest and pointed at hers, "This isn't, this heart is mine, hahaha..."

Pain spread from my shoulders and it was an attack from The Judge which dealt 200 thousand damage.

Pearl continued to look at me and her beautiful face became vicious, "You ask me where is Pearl, now I can tell you that I consumed her. I consumed that little girl. I don't care that she is a princess, I just know that her body allows me to absorb more talents. Come Li Xiao Yao, you are the disciple of Ice Queen Frost, aren't you very strong? Slash my chest and take out this heart and you can separate me from Pearl's body. Do you want back Pearl? Haha, kill me and you can get a heartless princess. How about that?"

I used Strength of a Thousand Men to force her aside. I also used Wind Carrying Slash on her stomach. After dealing a series of damage numbers I was hit by The Judge. How could a player's body handle the combined attacks of two Hybrid Demon lords?

I moaned, my eyes lit up and I was dead.

But I choose to revive. Overlord Rebirth increased my stats by 30% and my defence increased by a lot. I used Sword Tempest+three basic attacks to force The Judge aside.

I felt heat from behind me as Pearl hugged me. She smiled, "Li Xiao Yao do you want to feel Princess Pearl's body? She is a princess, don't you want to have her? Come, I am waiting for you. As you pledge loyalty to me, I will let you have her."

I was annoyed and knocked her aside. I turned around and kicked her before raging, "Don't insult Pearl's body like that you scum, scram out of her body!"

She didn't care and just stood up. She smiled with her long sword, "Why, do you like her body? Hahaha, Li Xiao Yao, how would you know that kind of happiness? But that is fine, with this perfect body, I will recruit more gods. I can hand myself over to them and make them happy. I can let them enjoy each inch of my skin. This body is just a vessel to me. Why, are you angry? Come and kill me. If you don't then I will let The Judge enjoy this body, I will let him feel pleasure he has never felt before!"

The Judge held his golden sword and smiled, "Pearl are you finally going to let me get what I want?"

Pearl laughed coldly, "But you must kill The Executor first! As long as you kill him, the Tian Ling City generals will be in a mess. When the time comes we will easily crush them. Come, kill Li Xiao Yao with me. Let his soul remain in Storm Hell!"

I looked at Pearl and felt really frustrated that I nearly cried. What could I do, how could I protect the past princess of the empire?


Behind me, close to a hundred star Bosses charged over. My resistance only increased by 30% but my health continued to drop. I lost another level but I chose to revive. I didn't dare to die, if I died here then I might lose a part of the set. If the set wasn't full then my hard work would be for nothing!

I had to charge out, I would only die here!

My stats had a 60% increase and my flying speed was much faster. I used Sword Tempest to shatter many of their armor while trying to flee. But The Judge and Pearl both chased. They were determined to kill me before they were at ease.

The Judge's face was filled with righteousness, "The Executor don't go, accept the judgement of justice!"

Rage burnt in my heart. This so called judgement of justice was that after he judged me, he would judge Pearl's body?



Ice Domain sealed many of them and I was now out of the hall. Although many people followed but I still managed to get out. Should I head back?

Not possible, that one eyed man wouldn't let me go. Moreover I was too slow and would die on the ship. Then I could only fly, but... What were those giant black things in the sky?

I made my mind up and flew right into the sky!

No matter what they were, I just had to fly out!


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I flapped my wings and shot into the sky like an ice arrow.


A weird song spread from above and I just used Sword Tempest. The flame light showed me everything. That was a monster with many tentacles. They didn't have a face and just had many mouths with sharp teeth. They looked really scary. Thousand Hand Monster, level 9 Hybrid Demon!

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