Chapter 1205- Deep in the tiger's den
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Zhan Long Chapter 1205- Deep in the tiger's den


I passed through the layer and entered the depths of Storm Abyss with my two shining blades. The flames and storm were gone and what replaced it was a pillar from above that headed into the darkness. I raised my head and saw that the eye continued to spit out wind and flames. I also noticed that this eye was the energy source. It was the one that caused such energy here.


I flew down along the light pillar and after ten minutes, I looked at a hall. The hall was simple but majestic and there were many cultivators with swords. They looked solemn. If not for their faces decomposing, I would even think that they were alive.

I opened my wings and felt like an angel. Of course, I wouldn't be so dumb to really think so. I was just a player that came to find Pearl.


They didn't notice me and they continued to train hard.

An old man holding a staff walked to the side of the hall and he said in his old voice, "This is the fourth trial, whether or not you can become the Demon Hall Guard depends on this battle. Zhao Jin you battle Xu Yan. Whoever wins will be able to protect Her Highness Pearl!"

Two cultivators walked out and they bowed, "Yes Elder!"

Xu Yan?

My body shook, wasn't this the ex-general of Violent Thunder Army? He died in Fan Shu City so why was he here? In terms of appearance, it was indeed Xu Yan. He had revived as an undead warrior?

That seemed like the case. Xu Yan was once under Pearl and now he was fighting to be her guard?

My heart felt even heavier. Who was this Pearl? If she was really Tian Ling City's little princess, why didn't she find me? Why would she send an army to massacre Tian Ling City players? Definitely not, that person wasn't Pearl.

Xu Yan and Zhao Jin were already clashing. Their skills were covered in flames and frost and the entire hall shook because of their fight. I looked on. Xu Yan's skills were better than when he was alive? I looked closely and noticed that Xu Yan was a two star god boss while Zhao Jin was one star. No wonder. But after Xu Yan died, his strength actually increased, which was quite unbelievable.

After a few rounds, Xu Yan slashed and Zhao Jin fell. A wound appeared on his neck and then his body turned into a pile of meat. Xu Yan laughed coldly and consumed the meat. At the same time, a portion of his strength was absorbed into his own.

"Xu Yan wins!"

The elder said in his old voice, "Zhao Jin has died, he is someone worthy of respect. Unfortunately, he is unable to become her highness's guard! Continue. Qin Xiong will fight Wang Chao. Out of you two, the winner can be Pearl's guard!"

The other two bosses fought one another. I finally understood that this was a competition of god tier bosses. Everyone there had stars. Hell chose people like that? One must know that god generals were rare in Tian Ling City and the entire Royal Army only had five.

But this small hall had over 20 of them, terrifying!



Qin Xiong's axe shone a lightning light and lit up everything. But his opponent flicked his axe up and it flew out of his hand!


The axe flew right at me and I dodged. But the dozens of god tier generals already saw me. Xu Yan recognised me and shouted, "It is Tian Ling City's Li Xiao Yao, why is he here? Attack, kill him. Take his head and ask for a reward from Her Highness!"

Xu Yan jumped up and slashed at me.

He had lost to me before so naturally, I didn't care about him. Moreover, he was just a two star god general!

I looked down from above and slashed. Flames spurted forwards and forced Xu Yan back. He smashed onto the hall and green stone shattered. The few guards were also in a bad state. The dozens of other god tier bosses charged over. I couldn't fight all of them alone so I could only take a risk. I charged at the elder!


Butterfly and Gan Jiang rang out and I hit seven times which landed on his staff. Although the elder was a five star god general but he didn't look like he wanted to fight me. He retreated dozens of meters and said, "Li Xiao Yao why are you in Storm Hell?"

I stood there and my ice wings flapped, "Bring me to Pearl."

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"To see Her Highness?"

Shock flashed across his face and he smiled, "Why do you want to see Her Highness Pearl?"

"Because she is my friend."

"Oh is that so?" The elder smiled and raised his hand, "Generals stop attacking. This person wants to see Her Highness so I shall bring her there. Continue the selection. Xu Yan and Wang Chao, both of you have been chosen so follow me and send Li Xiao Yao over."

"Yes!" The two star god generals cupped their fists respectfully.


This hell was too dark. I raised my arm and held Butterfly up. The glow of the god artifact lit up ten meters around to give me some vision.

We walked along a corridor for ten minutes and it was a black ocean. I asked, "What is this?"

"Ocean of death." The elder smiled, "The Executor has never come to hell before so you probably haven't seen this ocean right? Be careful not to fall. If not even if you are skilled there is nothing you can do!"

I frowned. The ocean water was black and one could see screaming faces like they were souls trying to search for a replacement. If I fell down I would probably die. But since I was here I wasn't afraid of dying. As long as I could see Pearl, my quest was done. What I wanted to know was whether or not Pearl was Tian Ling City's Pearl?

The elder held his staff and the tip shone blue in the night sky. He also shouted, "One eye, come. There is a guest!"

In the distance, a dim lamp got close and it was someone with a boat. He only had one eye, one scary looking eye. He bent his back. The elder got up and I too. I looked into the sky and many dark figures flashed across. What was that?

"Don't look." The Elder looked at me teasingly and smiled, "The Executor don't think about it or your outcome would be much worse than you imagine."

I, "..."

I was actually threatened by an NPC, that really didn't feel good. But I accepted his tone as there was no need to rage. In such a place, smarter people would be able to live longer.


The boat moved slowly on the Ocean of Death and after 20 minutes, I could see a dim light. The light got brighter and numerous lanterns hung on both sides. Ahead was a huge palace that was similar to Tian Ling City's palace but the guards were all undead. I could see some Lamp Zombies moving about. These Lamp Zombies were a sign of death but to them, they were no different from deliverymen.

"The Executor, didn't you want to meet Her Highness? Come with me!" The Elder smiled.

I followed him down the boat and walked along a path. On the sides were many vicous-looking zombies. The elder was really slow but I wasn't in a rush so I moved with him step by step.

After a few minutes, we were finally in the palace.

There were Demon Hall Cavalries all around but they weren't level 7 but level 8. Their stats were much better and their skills were stronger. Was this because of Pearl's training? Pearl was a hands-on girl before and she was the same after death.

The Demon Hall Cavalries stared at me in rage like they were going to tear me into pieces at any moment.

I managed to survive and walk into the hall. The staircase steps led to the hall and when I entered I actually had a feeling, this... Was it Tian Ling City's Palace?

It looked the same but it was actually much different. The sides weren't officials but undead. I just glanced and was shocked. In this hall were 12 five star god bosses and 30+ four star ones. If they were all released the world would definitely be in chaos!

Moreover, the highest weren't five star god bosses but two lord tier ones!


On the throne was a petite body in a red cape. There was a sword by her legs. This girl's chest had an eye catching golden rune, that was... Tian Ling City's emblem!

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