Chapter 1010- Upgrade country weapon
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Zhan Long Chapter 1010- Upgrade country weapon


[System notification: Congratulations to Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai for his successful seventh job advancement! Obtained title: Heaven Protecting Dragon Rider.As he is the second player in China to get his seventh job advancement, he has obtained the bonus rewards of +100 Charm!]


Holy light descended and the job title above my name changed from Country Protector Dragon Rider to Heaven Protecting Dragon Rider. At the same time, the system notified me that my stats had increased. A large amount of data was something that players could not see. There were definitely many huge changes when one went from their sixth to seventh job.

I smiled at Frost, inquiring, "Since I have became stronger, do you have any new moves to teach me?"

Frost was stunned and replied, "Nope! I don't have much to teach you."


I was confused. I knew that this beautiful teacher was special, but she was actually so special that she did not give me skills after my seventh job advancement!

I sat on her desk and started to play with Butterfly. It looked really exquisite and it was a really good sword!

Frost looked at me. "What are you doing?"

I replied, "If you don't teach me anything, I'll just sit here and not leave..."

She burst out laughing, saying, "You fellow, how are you even the Royal Army General and the empire's Commander in chief?"

I smiled. "Of course not.My teacher hasn't taught me anything..."

"Okay, okay..."

Frost surrendered. "Most of my skills use god power, so one has to have a god divinity to use. You don't have such ability. Let me think what else I have that I can onto you..."

I had an idea. "How about that cool technique you used to crush Luo Xun's army, Heaven Control?"

"Heaven Control..."

Frost opened her mouth. "That's possible, for it also uses god power. Your present body isn't just strong enough with it only possessing Holy Domain Strength. If you use Holy Domain Strength to use Heaven Control, it won't be as strong as what you saw."

"That's alright," I smiled, saying, "as long as it looks good."

"Okay, come a

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Novel Notes

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