Chapter 116: Secrets of the Library (3)
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 116: Secrets of the Library (3)

"No, don't abandon me, I'm almost there!"

"Quick, throw the dictionary over!"


The twenty spirits suddenly dispersed, and the tides of the void surged forward.

Monkey, defenseless against the onslaught of the void, was instantly torn apart.

The dictionary dropped to the ground, continuously eroding from the void's effects. Chris's arm reached through the barrier, grabbing the dictionary at an astonishing speed.

"Ugh, that's disgusting!"

Chris's arm was battered and torn, but once the cooldown of his spirit summoning ability was over, the injuries would quickly heal. He examined the dictionary he had retrieved.

All the words on it were incomprehensible. It seemed to be a codebook for decoding.

"Showing cruelity and breaking promises. 5 emotionality points would be deducted."

The voice of the invigilator rang in Chris's mind.

"Ah... stop deducting, I'm already in the negatives."

Chris left with the dictionary and headed back to his dorm to rest and replenish his spent mental energy.


Gu Yi finished his work in the library. He, along with brothers Gao Qiang and Gao Da, went to the librarian's office.

The librarian registered the three of them and awarded them academic credits.

Currently, both Gu Yi's emotionality and rationality scores were 6 points.

"You are free to go now, but remember to keep quiet."

"Thank you, teacher."

The three nodded in gratitude and gently opened the door to the office.

Gu Yi bid farewell to the two brothers and headed straight to Section C. Annoying noises reached his ears, and negative bullet comments floated before his eyes.

"Chris next door already found clues to the basement. Why is Gu Yi still in the mood to read here?"

"Trash, real trash."

"I've never seen such a stupid adventurer."

"Just die, we're satisfied with just a normal level clearance."

Gu Yi closed his eyes, and the bullet comments turned into echoing voices in his head. He took two deep breaths and used psychological suggestion on himself again to block out the comments.

"I really want to ki

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