Chapter 115: Secrets of the Library (2)
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 115: Secrets of the Library (2)

(Students in Section C don't seem any more numerous than those in Section A, but you notice that their expressions are incredibly vacant.)

(You suspect that this might have something to do with the weird energy permeating Section C.)

(Low ceilings, dim lighting, and deep, long corridors.)

(Such a stifling and silent atmosphere, even without the weird forces, would be enough to unsettle anyone entering this section.)

(You wander between the bookshelves in Section C.)

(The books on these shelves are more numerous than in Section A, but you can't comprehend the text within them.)

(At last, on the final shelf of Section C, you discover a unique book.)

(Between its pages, there's a slip of paper. Picking it up, you see handwritten sentences on it, with a style identical to what you found in your pencil case earlier.)

([If a human's weighs 3.5 kilograms, how much would a civilization weigh?])

(You frown in confusion.)

(It's impossible for a human to weigh only 3.5 kilograms.)

(And how can one weigh a concept as abstract as civilization?)

(Unable to find an answer, you flip open the book, only to find its pages entirely empty.)

(You end the deduction!)

"Um... It seems that I have to see that book for myself."

Gu Yi picked up the feather duster and continued to wipe the dust off the bookshelf.


Inside the real world.

The strategy team of Dragon Country is tracking all the people barraging negative comments, but there are too many people sending these comments. The strategy team simply didn't have enough manpower to deal with them, so they had to ask the police for help.

The negative energy spread more and more. For a while, the screen was full of comments saying "Die".

"Sigh— It's hard to understand."

"That's mob mentality for you."

Qu Kangping sighed.

At this time, Gu Yi was working intently in the library, and the barrage of comments was still full of abuses.

"Die, and a million families will be safe!"

"Die, and a million families will be safe!"

"Die, and a million families will be safe!"


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