Chapter 114: Secrets of the Library (1)
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 114: Secrets of the Library (1)

Gu Yi followed Gao Da and Gao Qiang to the library.

There were already many students sitting at the tables reading. Other than the sound of flipping pages, Gu Yi couldn't hear any other noise.

Gao Da leaned close to Gu Yi and whispered softly, "You'll work on aisles 11-20 to sort out the books. After an hour, we will meet up at the librarian's office."

Gu Yi nodded and gave a thumbs up.

Gu Yi quickly moved to the 11th aisle and closed his eyes.

(Deduction begins!)

(While organizing the books, you also observe your surroundings.)

(Gao Da is organizing books in aisles 1-10, while Gao Qiang is at 21-30. They are focused on their task and aren't paying attention to you.)

(You discreetly sneak out.)

(You arrive in the hallway and look at the library's layout to determine the location of Section B.)

(The library has a T-shape, with Section A on the east, Section C on the west, and Section B on the north.)

(You cross the hallway and approach the door to Section B.)

(A librarian approaches and stops you with his hand.)

(He doesn't speak, but you hear his voice in your mind.)

(Librarian: Section B is off-limits. Please step back.)

(You try to use psychological suggestion, but the librarian's mental strength is greater than yours, making it ineffective.)

(You apologize and walk away from Section B.)

(Recalling the library's map, you exit from a side door in the corridor and head north.)

(Reaching the outer wall of Section B, you notice several guards nearby.)

(You realize their mental strength is weaker than yours.)

(You rest briefly, waiting for your skill's cooldown to finish.)

(You apply psychological suggestion to one of the guards.)

(He suddenly starts to argue with his colleague, then pulls out a stun baton and knocks him out.)

(Taking advantage of his distraction, you sneak up behind the guard and stab him in the temple with a pen from your pocket.)

(Both guards collapse.)

(You find the key to the back door of Section B on one of the guards.)

(You throw the two guards into the void.)

(A prom

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