Chapter 51.1: Unfounded speculation
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Transmigration with Cheat Codes Chapter 51.1: Unfounded speculation

When Meng Jintang tasted the agarwood elixir, she found it nearly tasteless, yet emitting a delicate fragrance. Upon swallowing it, she felt as if the fragrance of the medicine was slowly permeating into her limbs and bones, quickly putting her into an unusually clear state of mind.

[System: Successfully gained 100 experience points for comprehending the Acupuncture Technique from "Life-Prolonging Golden Needle."]

[System: Successfully learned "Life-Prolonging Golden Needle," gaining 300 experience points.]

In order to pick up new skills, it was crucial for Meng Jintang to understand the acupuncture techniques. Normally, she couldn't bypass the game's rules, but thanks to the agarwood elixir, she managed to learn things that usually require much higher medical skills. Essentially, the elixir helped her grasp advanced concepts she wouldn't have been able to understand otherwise.

While studying medicine, Meng Jintang always kept a part of her attention on the pavilion, paying attention to the movements of Nanjia Fort.

After inquiring about the situation, Zhou Chen escorted the Second Young Master Nan and the young man back separately. He earnestly admonished the former, stating that while the fort lord theoretically wouldn't come out early, there was still a possibility of breaking tradition. If the other party didn't want to have an uplifting and tearful reunion with their loved ones one day early, it would be best to behave honestly.

Perhaps being reminded that they could meet with the lord of the fort in no more than twenty-four hours, the Second Young Master Nan left with a resigned expression.

Meng Jintang noticed that when Zhou Chen instructed the guards, he mentioned sending the Second Young Master Nan to the inner courtyard to accompany the old lady, Third Young Lady, and Fourth Young Master.

Aside from the Second Young Master Nan, there were other relatives of the Lord of the Nanjia Fort present. However, the other relatives had not yet appeared in front of the guests.

As the expression on the fac

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