Chapter 50.2: Life-Prolonging Golden Needle
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Transmigration with Cheat Codes Chapter 50.2: Life-Prolonging Golden Needle

It turned out that Yang Weibian, being in poor health and unable to withstand the cold, had the young man purchase some charcoal outside. Second Young Master Nan, upon seeing this, insisted that the charcoal must have been stolen from inside the fort.

Second Young Master Nan interjected, "I am not wrongly accusing this little... lad. It's just that the charcoal we have at home is not the same as what is commonly sold outside. It is high-quality Silver Frost Charcoal brought in by the Tower of a Thousand Treasures from elsewhere, delivered to the fort every five days. Where could he have bought it?"

Zhou Chen thought for a moment and smiled, saying, "I roughly understand now. It seems that the negligence of the servants in the fort led to a misunderstanding."

Glancing at Second Young Master Nan, he continued, "The second young master is still young and impetuous. If he has offended you in any way before, I hope you can forgive him."

Second Young Master Nan was still unwilling to accept it. Zhou Chen smiled and grabbed the young master's hand. Internal energy flowed through the palm, and suddenly, the true qi in Second Young Master Nan's body surged uncontrollably.

For a moment, he couldn't speak, and his face quickly turned red, with large beads of sweat dripping down from his forehead.

In the courtyard where the disciples of the Green Moth Palace were located.

When Meng Jintang helped Ah Zhuo protect her meridians, she used some internal energy.

Now, sitting quietly and recovering, she suddenly said, "By the way, there is another matter related to that kid. However, I'm not completely sure about it yet."

——When she referred to the kid, she naturally meant Lin Zhiqi.

Yao Niang turned her head, revealing a hint of curiosity.

Meng Jintang pondered for a moment and said, "His gaze seems a bit off."

Yao Niang, also skilled in the use of poison, thought for a moment and said, "That young man is not usually so impulsive."

Meng Jintang smiled and said, "I have come across a description in ancient records about

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