Chapter 51.2: Unfounded speculation
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Transmigration with Cheat Codes Chapter 51.2: Unfounded speculation

After Wang Youhuai rose from bed, he took a bag of sweet potatoes and joined Chen Shen for breakfast. As they were about to eat, a Nanjia Fort disciple arrived for a visit. However, the visitor remained at the courtyard entrance, speaking with them politely yet deferentially.

Shortly afterward, three women in Yi Tribe attire arrived. They were disciples from the Green Moth Palace. They explained that Miss Meng had visited the previous day but had been unable to pay her respects. As disciples of the Green Moth Palace, they considered themselves to have been quite disrespectful. Therefore, they brought gifts in hopes of making amends.

Situated south of Hanshan, the Green Moth Palace had limited interactions with the people of the Central Plains. The words spoken by the Green Moth Palace disciples mostly consisted of polite clichés, suggesting that major errors were unlikely. However, the expressions of the individuals before him appeared oddly peculiar, prompting curiosity about the reason behind it.

Unconsciously, Wang Youhuai dropped the sweet potatoes on the ground and stuffed the skin into his mouth, chewing slowly. He possessed limited knowledge about the martial forces in Ye Zhou, but he understood that the Green Moth Palace generally avoided interactions with outsiders. Hence, he found it puzzling why the disciples were being exceptionally polite to Meng Jintang.

He suddenly remembered how he used to speculate about Meng Jintang's connection to the Green Moth Palace based on her clothing details.

Now it seemed that it was more than just a connection; their relationship was extremely good. In addition, considering the Green Moth Palace disciples’ behavior, there even seemed to be a hint of subordination.

Wang Youhuai wiped the sweet potato residue from his mouth and let out a sigh, feeling a deep sense of melancholy. As an ordinary individual with average skills, he had inadvertently stumbled upon the secretive connections within the martial world. Faced with such complexity, he wondered how he

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