Chapter 60 - Dekan Supports the Dreams of All Those Who Sought For Death
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 60 - Dekan Supports the Dreams of All Those Who Sought For Death

Both in the classroom and in the hallways, things became much quieter.

It seemed like everyone was waiting for Flatta's reaction.

Would he back down or remain stubborn?

This young noble had to make an accurate judgment.

Obviously, there were third-year students present who could single-handedly challenge Dekan.

But no one was unafraid of being remembered by Dekan.

Students knew that Dekan's terrifyingness didn't lie in how strong he was in direct combat, but in how unpredictable he was and how difficult it was to defend against his underhanded tactics could be.

Offending him made even locking the doors at night unsafe.

Just as Flatta hesitated, he subconsciously glanced at Claire.

Her expression remained cold, but there was a hint of a shallow smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

It was as if she had just finished watching a circus performance.

This made Flatta's forehead throb.

He abruptly turned his gaze to Croix and shouted, "Croix! Are you willing to duel me? If you lose, you will have to accept reality, promise not to harm others anymore, and stay away from Claire and her sister!"

Flatta's action not only widened Croix's eyes, even Dekan was somewhat surprised.

This guy was really audacious.

He didn't dare to confront Dekan directly but couldn't swallow his pride, so he pretended to seek justice by challenging Croix to a duel.

This way, even if Croix was forced to stop going to the Shadow Worlds because of losing the bet, it would be due to a fair duel. If Dekan sought revenge on Flatta later, it would make Croix look bad.

Even if Croix chose not to duel and refused the challenge, Flatta could still use this opportunity to discredit Croix.

"I've never met a person like you who would seek out a through-and-through healer for a duel," Dekan said, shaking his head in amusement.

"So what? He's a tier 6, and I'm just a tier 5," Flatta replied with a snort.

If Croix agreed to a duel, his only viable strategy was to bring a group of summoned creatures with him to deal damage. Then, he could

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