Chapter 59 - Dekan Doesn't Hold Back
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 59 - Dekan Doesn't Hold Back

By this time, a considerable number of students had gathered at the classroom door. Much of it was due to Dekan and Cornelia's sudden appearance. When these two who shall not encounter each other were together, it meant that something big was about to happen.

Dekan didn't approach the door; instead, he stood to the side, listening to the situation inside the classroom.

Inside the classroom, Flatta's voice carried a mocking tone as he said, "You're quick to run off and interact with the new students, aren't you, Croix?"

He, along with his two followers, surrounded Croix's desk, blocking any escape route.

Croix could only sigh and say, "I already told you, he came to find me."

"Heh, that's quite the joke. If it weren't for you shamelessly going to find Dekan, how could he possibly come to seek trouble from a disaster like you?"

Croix lowered his head, seemingly unwilling to explain any further. It must have been when Dekan came to see him a couple of days ago. They had a lengthy conversation near the door and were witnessed by passing students. That's likely how Flatta got wind of it.

"Do you want to kill him, Croix?" Flatta lightly tapped Croix's desk, trying to get him to look up.

"No, I won't team up with him."

Croix clenched his fists and placed them on the desk, gritting his teeth.

"There are no suitable teammates among the senior students for you and the strongest new students are out of your league. Then why are you still hanging around in the Mage College? Are you waiting for a few more suckers before causing another disaster?"

"I... I'll honestly complete my credits. I won't go to any Shadow World again..."

"Good, that's what you said. Swear on it, swear on it in front of all of us."

Flatta laughed heartily, as if he had finally achieved a good result. He glanced at Claire, who was still sitting in the back row of the classroom, seemingly proud of his accomplishment.

Claire shifted her glance away in disgust. Her expression was cold with a hint of hidden anger hidden in her eyebrows.

But, she

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