Chapter 58 - Dekan's Unusual Transformation
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 58 - Dekan's Unusual Transformation

Dekan looked slightly puzzled. "What do you mean?"

Teacher Cat didn't explain but raised its front paw, revealing a card on its paw pad.

Dekan took the card and examined it.

[Polymorph: Elven Cat]

[Category: Spell Card]

[Rarity: Purple Rare]

[Tier: 2]

[Effect: Transforms into an Elven Cat upon use. Continuously consumes mana and can't use polymorph again within 24 hours after reverting.]

[Note: Meow meow meow!]

"You can turn into a cat yourself, meow! I want to exchange this card for a permanent supply of that potion, meow!"

"Unfortunately, this card can't be used to transform enemies."

Dekan handed the card back with a hint of disappointment.

"Transmutation spells that forcibly transform enemies are something you can't use yet! Also, this card can only be crafted with Elven knowledge; you can't buy it in the market, meow!"


Dekan hesitated. While it seemed like a good deal, in the long run, he didn't know how much gold coins this cat would eat up.

"I can tell you, meow, there's no Elven Cat in this school who would let that girl named Cornelia touch them. Even the strongest of us would be half scared to death by her! If you want to help her fulfill her dream, then turn into a cat yourself!"


After some thought, using this card as a disguise was an excellent idea. After all, it was a card that couldn't be bought on the market. Even if he had to spend hundreds or thousands of gold coins for this silly cat in the future, it was worth it. Besides, he was getting a pet for free.

Dekan took the cat into his dorm, then headed to the workshop to mix up a bowl of diluted cat lure potion. He placed the bowl on the floor.

The cat quickly began to lap up the new type of beverage joyfully.

After settling the cat, Dekan decided to try out his newly acquired card. When he activated [Polymorph: Elven Cat], he suddenly felt his field of vision lower, and his body became much lighter. In no time, he had transformed into a four-legged, agile creature.

He checked himself in the mirror and foun

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