Chapter 156 - Dekan's Team, Neat and Tidy as Always
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 156 - Dekan's Team, Neat and Tidy as Always

"We'll start working tomorrow morning. Tonight, I need to go back to the guild to rearrange manpower and materials to save costs," Mauleon said to the mayor with a business-like smile as he collected the bag of holy coins.

"Alright," the mayor responded.

Before he could say more, Mauleon briskly turned and left.

Watching Mauleon's retreating figure, the mayor gradually felt an inexplicable sense of unease settling in.

"Hmm?" The mayor scratched his head, sensing something amiss. Why had he agreed to this deal without more careful consideration? He should have asked more questions and taken some time to think.

The more the mayor thought about it, the more things seemed off. Why did he suddenly faint when he entered the church? Where did the guard disappear to? Why did the engineer suddenly raise the price?

But those holy coins were already spent, and there was no going back now. All he could do was hope that the contractor would successfully build a normal bridge.


Mauleon quickly returned to the church with the coins and found Dekan waiting for him. Dekan had already organized the documents and was ready.

Dekan said, "I've already designed the bridge."

Mauleon: "What’s the budget?"

Dekan: "The material cost is 20 holy coins; I haven't calculated the labor cost."

Mauleon: "No problem, I'll find a way to get the manpower for free."

The two, in their first collaboration, were quite satisfied with each other's business capabilities. They left the church and Dekan locked the door. Then, the two of them left the town together, riding on the wyvern to the other side.

The caravan waiting on the other side seemed quite impatient. The engineer had been gone for over an hour, leaving them all stranded there.

"Sorry to keep everyone waiting, but we must return today," Mauleon said to the construction team leader.

Mauleon's words clearly did not sit well with the guild members. However, due to the engineer's high status within the guild and out of consideration for the priest by Mauleon's side, they couldn't e

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