Chapter 155 - Dekan Doesn't Swindle Honest Folks
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 155 - Dekan Doesn't Swindle Honest Folks

Inside the church, Mauleon took the keys from the mayor's pocket and had been gone for almost an hour.

Meanwhile, Dekan, who remained in the church, had skillfully bound the unconscious engineer and locked him in the confessional. Then, he helped the mayor up and placed him on a chair, letting him lie sprawled across the long table.

Lastly, Dekan took out paper, a pen, and the documents he obtained from the engineer to study the bridge design plans requested by Mauleon.

Several tens of minutes passed in the blink of an eye.

Finally, the heavy doors of the church were pushed open once again. Mauleon seemed to have gathered useful information from his investigation.

Dekan glanced up at Mauleon before returning his attention to his design task, focusing intently. Fulfilling Mauleon's request was proving to be somewhat challenging. But this challenge didn't deter Dekan.

Keeping everything within a budget of 30 holy coins is nothing!

Mauleon, wearing the mayor's appearance, leisurely walked over to the real mayor and carefully placed the keys back into the mayor's pocket.

Then, he walked to the side of the confessional, touched the engineer, and activated [Touch of Mimicry.]

When Mauleon returned to Dekan's side, he had transformed into the appearance of the engineer.

"Did you find anything during your investigation?" Dekan asked without lifting his head.

As Mauleon approached him to a certain distance, Dekan naturally became alert.

"I searched carefully, including the mayor's house and the places only he had access to. There was nothing related to the mission, and absolutely no clues related to the vampires you mentioned," Mauleon said, leaning back against the table and eyeing Dekan's unfinished design drafts with interest.

"There must be something going on with this small town. It’s suspicious that there are no clues in those places; it’s almost as if they were intentionally cleared out," Dekan muttered, furrowing his brow.

After all, the story's background was very clear—the town was brewing with an im

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