Chapter 154 - Mauleon's Wealth-Building Skills
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 154 - Mauleon's Wealth-Building Skills

Although there was still the matter of discussing the missionary recruitment with Mauleon, the immediate priority was to solve the issues within the Shadow World.

Once Mauleon experienced the harmony and warmth of this team, joining in would naturally fall into place.

Of course, Dekan respected Mauleon's wishes. Whether Mauleon agreed or refused later, Dekan would find a way to maximize Mauleon's value.

For now, he needed to keep an eye on Mauleon. After meeting with Cornelia, he would find an opportunity to take Mauleon down.

Inside the church, Dekan and Mauleon both took a seat on the benches.

Just moments ago, they had felt like brothers when they reached an agreement. However now, they were surprisingly in sync and each sat on a bench on opposite sides of the aisle.

They naturally kept a distance from each other. After all, they both understood each other's methods quite well.

Dekan firmly believed that Mauleon could surprise him at any moment with poison magic or mental spells.

The behavior pattern of this unscrupulous merchant couldn't be judged by common sense.

Mauleon might appear to be a normal person, but he was always prepared to act ruthlessly once there was a chance for a quick profit or a risk-free opportunity.

"Let's hear your thoughts first," Dekan spoke first.

In the strategy of conquering the Shadow World, someone with an occupation of a merchant like Mauleon generally couldn't be of much use. They often played the role of providing support to other challengers.

However, in an open-world map Shadow World, Mauleon had created a unique way of clearing levels.

Just like the "Hero vs. Demon King Shadow World" that Dekan had learned Mauleon had cleared alone. Mauleon relied on deception to collect a large amount of wealth to compensate for the level difference with economic disparity, ultimately allowing the hero to forcefully defeat the Demon King.

In this type of Shadow World, Mauleon's money-making methods were much easier compared to Dekan's forced removal tactics.

Mauleon asked, "Do

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