Chapter 157 - Dekan’s Infernal Creation
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 157 - Dekan’s Infernal Creation

As Mauleon was deeply engrossed in studying the "Wealth Bringing Mask" temporarily loaned to him by Dekan...


Teacher Cat emerged from Cornelia's shadow, leaping towards Dekan.

"Oh, you're here too, that's great."

Dekan caught Teacher Cat and rubbed its head, then attempted to hand it back to Cornelia.

"You're so emotionless! You don't care about me at all, meow!"

Teacher Cat seemed quite upset with Dekan's casual tone.

"How could you say that, you're my cat after all."

"Meow meow!! I'm a teacher!"

"Yes yes, Teacher Cat."

In Dekan's mind, Baron Bacher and Olive were also teachers.

"Dekan, as the model of morality and a pioneer, I will definitely keep an eye on you, meow!"

This time, Teacher Cat had received a mission from the school.

Since the live broadcast extended to the Norton Kingdom, the school hoped that it could kindly remind Dekan to harmoniously raid the Shadow World as much as possible so as to not create a negative impact on the school's reputation.

"Don't worry, I have always been a law-abiding youth."

Dekan waved his hand confidently.

Teacher Cat was quite disdainful.

It felt that Dekan's biggest problem was that— Dekan truly didn't think he had any problems.

But before catching Dekan in any mistakes, it couldn't say anything.

So after a brief division of tasks among Dekan, Cornelia, and Mauleon, they began their respective preparations.

Their goal was to earn a large amount of holy gold coins in the early stages, significantly reducing the difficulty of raiding the Shadow World and ensuring a smooth travel experience thereafter.


The next day.

The construction team arrived at the edge of the cliff once again.

The mayor had also arrived early on the other side of the cliff, waiting.

He hadn't slept well last night.

He was worried that the bridge construction might encounter problems.

He even feared that the engineer might take the money and run.

Now, finally, the engineer had arrived with the promised manpower and materials.


The mayor, standing on the o

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