Chapter 12 - Dekan Decides To Make Some Equipment For Her
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 12 - Dekan Decides To Make Some Equipment For Her

Cornelia was not a fan of the library.

She would rarely ever go to the library.

But, if she doesn’t want to fail her classes, she would have to accompany Dekan to study in the library.

The two of them seated themselves across from each other around a small round table.

Originally, Dekan was planning to discuss raiding Shadow Worlds with Cornelia after he finished reading.

But, the moment he raised his head, he discovered that Cornelia was sitting quietly with her eyes closed.

She was reading for a while. However, she later caught a headache from reading and had placed her book back.

Afterwards, she started sitting there quietly meditating.

Dekan discovered that Cornelia was extremely good at calming her emotions.

Perhaps that was a talent that allowed her to become a top martial artist.

It was purely that she didn’t like to study.

Dekan gently tapped on the table.

Cornelia soon opened her eyes and looked at Dekan.

Dekan: “Let me have a look at your cards.”

Cornelia took out a couple magic cards from her pocket and handed them to Dekan. She then stared at him quietly.

Dekan examined the cards she handed over.

As he examined them, he revealed a frown.

The cards Cornelia gave him were all tier 3 White Commons. Their attributes were all pretty bad.

It seemed like her main weapon was a sword.

The reason for that was because the cards she gave him were all identical -- a mass produced sword.


Cornelia said in an embarrassed manner.

“I understand.”

Dekan nodded before returning the cards to Cornelia.

He was able to guess the reason why Cornelia had all these identical cards with her.

If the equipment manifested from an equipment card was to be damaged, one will no longer be able to use them without having them repaired first.

It seemed like Cornelia would frequently damage her weapons with her brute strength.

To her, weapons were consumable.

Furthermore, as she does not have that much Magic and might have to summon multiple weapons for a single battle, she did not bring any spell cards that would strengthen her own body.

As for summoning cards, they were completely out of the question.

Magic cards were split into three types: Summoning Card, Spell Card, and Equipment Card.

In terms of magic power consumption: summoning cards required the most magic power and were followed by spell cards and lastly equipment cards.

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