Chapter 11 - Dekan’s Accomplice
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The students were still discussing what happened during the entrance ceremony with excitement even after returning to their classroom.

Compared to the musical performances, they were more excited about the stage play.

The play was an adaptation of the previous year’s graduate students’ raid of a tier 6 Shadow World.

There were many twists and turns to the story. In the end, with several raiders cooperating with each other, they finally successfully cleared the Shadow World. It was a moving ending.

Evidently, the stage play evoked a strong fighting spirit in the hearts of the incoming freshmen.

They all looked forward to the day when they would be able to raid high level Shadow Worlds.

The classroom became even more clamorous than when the students first arrived in the morning.

It seemed like all the students had let go of their guard against each other and were starting to chat with one another.

There were also students that tried to chat with Dekan and Cornelia.

However, while they were able to understand Dekan, they weren’t able to understand Cornelia.

It seemed like Dekan needed to translate Cornelia’s speech for them every time.

In the end, the students confirmed that Dekan and Cornelia were much more approachable than they originally imagined.

If one was to ignore the kind of cards Dekan uses, he would be an ordinary young man.

As for Cornelia, even though she appeared quite cold, she was not someone to put on airs.


Cornelia said to Dekan.

“No problem.”

Dekan smiled helplessly.

Cornelia was very happy.

It was her first time being able to efficiently converse with this many people since her arrival in the Norton Kingdom.

The two of them were still seated at the back of the lecture hall. However, it seemed like the ‘boundary’ between them and the other students was no longer that distinct.

Although the students were all in Class A, they were all students of the Knight College, the college of fighters and martial artists. Few among them were fond of reading.

To them, the classroom was no different from a cage.

However, to their surprise, the first place scorer, Dekan, was earnestly holding a book.

As for the second place scorer Cornelia, she was quietly sitting there without saying a word.

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She seemed to have attempted reading the materials handed out by the college. But, she soon closed the book.

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