Chapter 10 - Cornelia and Her Translator
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 10 - Cornelia and Her Translator

The temperature of the capital had started falling in October. Early in the morning, a chilly wind was blowing through the Hevenlit Magic Academy. Dekan was unable to stop himself from yawning.

Dekan got out of his bed earlier than usual to put on his uniform.

The uniform had a simple and neat design. It was similar to the uniform Dekan saw Theresia wearing.

The main difference would be the Knight College’s color scheme -- scarlet red. It made the uniform appear quite eye-catching.

Dekan stood in front of the mirror examining his appearance.

“Not bad.”

Hoho, I’m quite handsome.

Today marked the first day of Dekan's path toward becoming rich.


There were one hundred and seven individuals that passed the Knight College’s entrance exam this year. They were split into classes A to D, four different classes.

The way they were allocated to different classes was very simple -- by their exam scores. Naturally, Dekan was placed in Class A.

The classes for the incoming freshmen were located on the second floor of the Knight College’s school building. Following the map, Dekan was able to find his classroom very quickly.

There were many students inside the classroom by the time Dekan arrived.

As the classroom was a vast lecture hall, it seemed quite empty.

When the students in the classroom noticed Dekan, they all revealed a look of ‘found a rare creature.’

Seemingly because they didn’t know what sort of personality Dekan had, no student rushed to strike up a conversation with him.

What if he had a vile personality? If his attention was to land on them, they would end up suffering hell the next three years.

‘Cultist.’ That was what all the students believed Dekan to be.

Dekan seated himself near the back and took out the materials given by the college. He began to read them with no concern for the other students.

More and more students started entering the classroom. This continued for several minutes…

“Good. Morning.”

A delicate yet stiff young female’s voice suddenly sounded from beside Dekan.

Dekan turned around only to discover eye-catching red hair.

“Good morning.”

Dekan nodded before turning back to read his materials.

Cornelia had seated herself beside him.

It was most definitely a blessing for one to have such a pretty girl decide to sit beside oneself during the first day of school.

But, Dekan was very worried that she would accidentally touch him.

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