Chapter 9 - Cornelia Learns To Communicate
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 9 - Cornelia Learns To Communicate

The following day. The students that passed the exam started moving into the dormitory.

Before the morning sun even arrived, Dekan got up, packed his luggage and began to walk toward the campus.

He had no intention of waiting in line.

He decided to finish moving into the dormitory while all the other incoming students were still sleeping.

After receiving his student identity card and uniform from the Knight College’s service building, Dekan proceeded straight for the dormitory.

The Knight College’s student dormitory was an enormous high rise building.

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Dekan couldn’t help himself from checking out the details of the building.

My room is likely going to be huge too.

Truly something to look forward to.

Impatient, Dekan walked toward the management office located at the front of the dormitory.

“Hello, I want to check into the dorm.”

“Please show your student identification.”

After a simple verification, the management employee handed him a key connected to a number plate.

“This is your key. The first floor of the dormitory building is the dining hall. The shop is on the second floor and the common area is on the third floor. The fourth to ninth floor are the living areas with the dorm rooms. The tenth floor is the astronomical observatory. You enter the male dorms through the stairs on the left side of the third floor. The female dorms are through the right side…”

“Wait! Why are you telling me how to enter the female dorms?”

“I thought all students of your age would be interested in it. Well, let’s forget about it.”

“No, please inform me. Students should study everything from start to end.”


The employee was left speechless. How could any fucking dumb fuck martial artist be able to study?

Nevertheless, he continued, “After registering yourself with the management office, you’ll be allowed to visit the girls’ dormitory. This is the same for the dorms of the other three colleges. However, if you are to receive complaints with your visit, you will likely be banned from future visits…”

“Thank you. I hope you have a fine remainder of the day.”

After expressing his thanks, Dekan started carrying his luggage upstairs.

He did not linger his sight on the first three floors and arrived at a hotel-like fourth floor.

“Fourth floor… Room four.”

Dekan was holding onto the room number and searching for his room.

His room number was quite auspicious.

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