Chapter 8 - Dekan’s Cozy Day
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On the day of the announcement of the entrance exam’s results.

After Dekan woke up, he didn’t go and get breakfast right away.

Instead, he washed up and immediately pulled open his window curtains to immerse himself in the morning sunshine.

He extended his hands and kept his wrists at a 90 degree angle.

His palms faced the front and his elbows were staying still.

Then, starting from his pinky finger, he started to slowly bend his fingers one by one.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five.


Then, he started to raise his fingers one by one again.

As a magic card maker, being able to draw the cards was a fundamental skill.

It was extremely important for him to maintain flexible fingers.

It was all so that he could draw a prettier wife in the future.

Ah, no, it was all so that he could draw higher quality cards.


After putting on his jacket, Dekan picked up a thick book on the table and left the room.

He had been staying in an inn close to the campus since his arrival at the capital.

But, he will be able to move into the school dormitory tomorrow.

Once the scores are publicized, the examinees that passed would be able to move into the dormitory.

Even though Dekan did not bother to check out the scores, he knew that he would be the top scorer.

After all, he received SSS tier evaluation.

He was too lazy to take a trip to the campus just to check out his scores.

Starting tomorrow, he will be able to save 200 cast coins per day!”

Thinking about it, Dekan couldn’t help himself from smiling.

After walking downstairs, Dekan left the inn and started to slowly wander the streets. He had gotten familiar with the capital during the past couple days.

All of the buildings were extremely grand.

The inns were nice, the shops were nice and even the houses were nice.

For a young man from a frontier village like him, he received quite a mental shock upon arriving at the capital.

This is truly a dashing city.

But everything is so expensive here.

Maybe those who always live in the city would have a different sort of impression toward money.

Thought Dekan.

He arrived at a bread shop recommended by Theresia. After he finished purchasing his breakfast, he continued to slowly wander the capital’s main street with a paper bag in his hand.

His destination was the capital’s library.

The library wasn’t far from the inn.

By walking, it was roughly forty minutes away.

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