Chapter 13 - Dekan Ready For Debut
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At the heart of the campus, the location in between the four different colleges, stood an enormous building.

The building had a particular appearance.

Compared to the other school campus-like buildings, this building resembled a military base.

High level barriers surrounded the building. Royal knights were also stationed as guards.

The reason for that was because there existed a ‘gate’ leading to the Shadow World inside the building.

In the Norton Kingdom that Dekan lived under, there existed three entrances to the Shadow Worlds. One of them was located inside the Hevenlit Magic Academy.

After entering the ‘gate,’ the challengers will be automatically matched with a suitable Shadow World. Generally, the match-making process would not take a long time.

The challengers that entered the other entrances around the world will all be matched together.

The lower tier challengers will be easily matched with others as low tier Shadow Worlds had a much higher appearance rate and there existed a lot of low tier challengers too.

Higher tier Shadow Worlds, by comparison, had a much lower appearance rate. Even if there were people that wanted to raid them, they would at times not be able to find an instance dungeon to raid.

The appearance of tier 7 and higher Shadow Worlds were matters of concern internationally. Counties would gather together for a meeting to dispatch candidates or teams to raid those Shadow Worlds.

The higher the level a Shadow World was, the greater the catastrophe they would become should a raid fail.

The raid failure for tier two or three Shadow Worlds were neglectable. However, when it comes to tier 7 and above Shadow Worlds, a raid failure would be equivalent to a large-scale natural disaster.

Because of that, all the countries would become extremely cautious when those high level Shadow Worlds appeared.

There were two ways to team up to raid Shadow Worlds. As there were very few tier 7 or higher challengers and the Shadow Worlds of those levels were also extremely rare, they were pretty much guaranteed to be teamed up together should they all enter the instance dungeon together.

As for the other method, it would be through using a ‘team card.’

[Team Card]

[Category: Spell Card]

[Rarity: White Common]

[Tier: 1]

[Passive Effect: You will be matched to the same Shadow World as your companion with the same serial number.]

[Remark: SN#948957812]

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