Chapter 14 - Shadow World: Strange Tales of the Demon Academy
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 14 - Shadow World: Strange Tales of the Demon Academy

“Cornelia, are you ready?”


Dekan moved his limbs around before walking toward the Void Gate with Cornelia.

The feeling of stepping into the Void Gate was identical to the feeling of stepping into the Void Gate created for the Artificial Shadow World.

It was completely pitch-black. Nothing can be seen.

That said, Dekan could tell that Cornelia was next to him.

Apart from his own heartbeat, he could also hear her breathing.

Soon, the surroundings started shining. In a flash, a new view appeared before Dekan’s eyes.

This place…

Dekan surveyed his surroundings.

He seemed to be inside a classroom?

Why ‘seemed’ to be?

The reason for that was because this classroom appeared extremely strange.

Even though it was a very large classroom, roughly two hundred square meters, it appeared extremely dark and stifling.

The only source of light were the couple lanterns hanging on the wall.

Dekan looked down and saw a parchment with a demon symbol printed on it and a set of black writing tools on his desk.

He slowly lifted his head back up. He could see a whole bunch of strange fellows seated in the classroom.

They were all different looking. Most of them had horns of some sort. There were those with black tails and those with strange patterns on their skin.

Furthermore, there were two very dangerous looking fellows walking through the aisles between the desks.

Although they were wearing clothes resembling suits, they were emitting a nauseating reeking of blood and swamp.

Their desire and bloodthirst were fully present in their blood-red eyes. It was as if everything within their field of view were their prey.

This was simply a nightmare scenario.

That being said, Dekan couldn’t help but appreciate the distinctive style of the classroom.

If he were to open up a cafe during the school festival with this as the inspiration, it would definitely be extremely popular.

Alas, this Shadow World was obviously not one that could be easily cleared.

Soon, the Shadow World’s introductions appeared before his eyes.

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