Chapter 15 - Dekan Decides To Stop Acting
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 15 - Dekan Decides To Stop Acting

The atmosphere of the demon classroom was extremely stifling.

It was comparable to the senior high exam room in Dekan’s previous life.

Dekan was in no rush to finish his test. Instead, he was stealthily examining the other people he believed to be ‘challengers.’ Some of them were getting anxious and others were completely calm.

Since even he doesn’t know the answers to the test, Dekan knew that the way to pass the exam would definitely not be dependent on their academic capabilities.

It wouldn’t make sense otherwise since it would mean most of the people who arrived at this Shadow World will receive a death sentence.

Since that was the case, the way to pass the exam became very obvious. The challengers will need to copy the answers from the demon students.

After all, the exam questions were meant for demons and not humans.

Dekan discovered that the movement range of the two examiners were quite set in place. The first examiner will turn around roughly every 50 seconds and then stand behind the podium for 10 seconds.

The second examiner turns around roughly every 40 seconds and will stop at the back of the classroom for 5 seconds.

There was a 1 or 2 seconds calculation error.

At where Dekan was seated, a blind spot would appear between the two examiners roughly once every three minutes. This blind spot will last for two to three seconds.

During that period of time, Dekan could attempt to exchange information or sneak glances at the exam papers of the other demon students.

However, if he was to pass the test using that method, it would be torturous.

He wouldn’t necessarily be able to copy enough answers. The demon students wouldn’t allow him to copy their answers that easily either.

He might need to cooperate with the other challengers.

Dekan took a glance at his beloved teammate.

Seated to his left, Cornelia’s little hands were trembling. It seemed like she was about to snap apart the pen in her hand.

He could sense her despair from afar.

She didn’t analyze the mechanisms of this game at all.

In fact, she didn’t even discover how difficult those exam questions were.

She thought that everyone else knew how to answer them, that she was the only one who didn’t.

Cornelia took a deep breath and gently placed her pen on her desk.

She seemed to have given up.

She was clenching her fist.

Judging from her appearance…

It seemed that… she was planning to fight her way out?

Dekan’s expression changed slightly.

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