Chapter 96 - As a Recommended Student, I Can Be as Willful as I Want
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 96 - As a Recommended Student, I Can Be as Willful as I Want

Fortunately or unfortunately, Hatter's idea of using the surveillance cameras to uncover the Demon King's true identity ended up being a bust.

While there were indeed many surveillance cameras set up in the villa district, every one of these cameras operated using mana. Meanwhile, during Alice's battle with Luna, the two of them had, on more than one occasion, attacked using mana far surpassing the limits of humans. This, in turn, overloaded the mana circuits in these cameras and caused them to malfunction.

This didn't mean that these surveillance cameras were easily susceptible to mana interference. In reality, after generations of improvements, most modern magical machinery could mitigate mana interference to a large extent. It was just like how modern electronic devices on Earth wouldn't short circuit simply because some random magnetic field appeared near them.

However, the mana Alice and Luna unleashed was simply too powerful. It was akin to unleashing an EMP blast right next to an electronic device. Under such circumstances, it would take a miracle and a half for the electronic device to survive.

Hence, when Hatter contacted the necessary personnel to check the villa district's surveillance cameras, he only received broken images. Meanwhile, the nearest functioning camera was already a significant distance away from the villa district. There was no way it could capture anything from such a great distance.

When Alice learned of this news, she couldn't help but sigh in relief. While she wasn't afraid of the Demon King's Power getting captured on camera, she worried that Luna might get dragged into a chain of unfortunate events. However, it would seem that Luna should be able to keep her identity hidden for the moment.

"Here, Alice."

Although Alice's body was in perfect condition, she had still chosen to remain in the hospital for observation for two days at Hatter's behest. As for Luna, even though she was the one to have received a fatal wound, she had already resumed her maid duties while in her hospital gown and was currently peeling fruits beside Alice's sickbed.


Alice cautiously accepted the lilyfruit that looked like an apple but tasted like a pineapple. Although Alice roughly understood why Luna had undergone such an abrupt change in attitude, she still found it awkward to receive such respectful treatment from Luna.

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