Chapter 97 - I Confess, You’re the Hero
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 97 - I Confess, You’re the Hero

After nightfall, Alice kicked Luna out of her ward.

Although Luna had said something about it being a maid's duty to sleep with her master, Alice had chased Luna out of the room without hesitation. After all, even until now, she still hadn't made sense as to why Luna had changed her attitude so quickly.

Alice's previous experience of waking up to the sight of a gigantic spiked club was plenty traumatic, and she had no desire to relive that experience for a second time. Even though Luna no longer had the Demon King's Power and looked like she had moved away from the path of evil, Alice felt that it was better to be safe than sorry.

Moreover, Alice had something she needed to do tonight, so she couldn't afford to let others disturb her.

After sending out everyone in the hospital ward, Alice laid down on her bed and waited for some time. Then, after making sure that nobody would suddenly come in and disturb her, Alice climbed out of bed and reached for the weapon container placed on the bedside table.

When Alice opened the small wooden box, the Hero's Sword promptly popped out of it. Then, after grabbing the Hero's Sword with her right hand, Alice activated the Word of God skill, closed her eyes, and started praying sincerely.

In Alice's opinion, the most troublesome aspect about the Word of God skill would be the part where she needed to pray. Even though the Loli Goddess could freely contact her and speak into her mind, she needed to go through such a troublesome process when she wished to meet with the Loli Goddess.

As an atheist before she transmigrated, Alice found it very tedious to pray with a sincere heart. So, when Alice activated the Word of God skill, what she muttered in her mind sounded more like a wish than a sincere prayer.

For example, the content of Alice's prayer this time was "Please give me more panties."

Similar to when Alice "prayed" previously, her prayer this time had successfully triggered the Word of God skill. Immediately afterward, her consciousness separated from her body and arrived at the Loli Goddess's room. However, before Alice could open her eyes, she heard the Loli Goddess's angry yelling:

"What the hell are you praying for?!?!?!"

"Huh? You're not asleep today?"

Alice was a little surprised as she opened her eyes. This was the first time the Loli Goddess was awake when she visited.

However, it made sense when Alice thought about it. After she had stripped the Loli Goddess of her panties this morning to deal with Luna, the Loli Goddess had told her to visit her room tonight for a discussion. So, it'd be rude for the Loli Goddess to be sleeping after she had made an appointment.

"I stayed awake because I have something to discuss with you tonight."

Sure enough, it was just like Alice thought. If it wasn't for the appointment with her, the Loli Goddess would probably be sleeping again right about now.

"But tonight's discussion isn't limited to just you. I still need to call another person here."

"Another person?"

Alice was a little surprised. Based on the historical records she read, only the Hero should have the privilege of speaking with God.

Thinking up to this point, Alice quickly realized the identity of the other person the Loli Goddess mentioned.

"That's right. I'm going to call Aird here today!" The Loli Goddess had an urge to gnash her teeth when she spoke about Aird. After all, for some inexplicable reason, this new Hero named Aird had been ignoring her voice all this time. "That bastard's spirit is a little too well-guarded when she is awake, so I have no choice but to summon her when she is asleep. However, even after she lets her guard down, my summons still fails for some inexplicable reason."

"It shows that she's a good sleeper," Alice said, nodding. Honestly, she was rather envious of Aird. She was someone who could only relax in a familiar environment. So, her sleep quality after she transmigrated hadn't been very good. It would be wonderful if she could sleep as well as Aird did.

"But no matter. I've thought of another way to summon her now." The Loli Goddess had long since guessed that her failure to summon Aird was related to Aird's sleep quality, so she didn't refute Alice's conjecture. Instead, she pointed at Alice and said, "Tonight, you will be the one to summon Aird!"

"Huh? Me?" Alice pointed at herself in surprise. "I can summon Aird as well?"

"You can, so long as you are in this room. I will connect the sound of this room with Aird's spirit. So, all you need to do is call out to her, and she will hear your voice," the Loli Goddess said. Then, in a frustrated voice, she continued, "If that bastard's spirit wasn't so well-guarded when she is awake, I could've simply contacted her when she is awake. However, based on my observation, it seems like she isn't guarded against you at all. So, she should hear your voice if you call out to her!"

Hearing the Loli Goddess's rant, Alice didn't find it strange that Aird had put up such a tight mental guard. After all, she was a human spy who had infiltrated herself into the ranks of the demon realm's Four Heavenly Kings. It was only natural that she maintained an exaggerated level of wariness against everyone around her, which, in turn, also prevented God's voice from reaching her. In Aird's current wary state, even if God's voice reached her mind, it was unlikely that she would trust in God's words.

Meanwhile, the only loophole in Aird's guard was Alice. The Hero was humanity's spiritual pillar. So, when Alice revealed herself as the "Hero" to Aird, it was as if Aird had found an outlet for all of the stress she had accumulated, and she dropped all of her wariness around Alice.

"But why are you calling her here? Are you going to tell her the truth about the Hero?"

Alice could understand the Loli Goddess's frustrations regarding Aird. However, the only reason she could think of for the Loli Goddess to invite Aird for a discussion was that the topic of discussion concerned the Hero.

"Of course. Don't tell me you plan on continuing this fake Hero act until the end?"

The Loli Goddess looked at Alice in surprise. Although Alice had gained the ability to the Hero's Sword thanks to her help, Alice still wasn't the Hero after all was said and done. Alice's body did not hold the Hero's Power she created, either. So, even though the growth potential of Alice's body was similar to the Hero's, there was still a difference in the essence of their strength.

The Hero's Power and Demon King's Power were like acid and alkali. They countered and neutralized each other. Meanwhile, although Alice's body had the potential to grow into an existence as strong as the Hero, her strength would not carry the properties of the Hero's Power. In other words, she could neither suppress the Demon King's Power nor get suppressed by the Demon King's Power.

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While the Loli Goddess had indeed placed her hopes on the mysterious power inhabiting Alice's right hand to extinguish the Demon King's Power, she couldn't possibly have Alice do all the work by herself, right?

"I'll call Aird here, tell her about the Demon King's Power, and have her help you extinguish the Demon King's Power," the Loli Goddess said. "I never told the past Heroes about the truth surrounding the Demon King's Power because I have never found a way to force the Demon King's Power to reveal itself. But now that I know how to do so, I can tell the truth to Aird."

"After all that talk, you still want me to work for you," Alice couldn't help but interject. "You best hope that the hatred of the next person the Demon King's Power inhabits can be easily resolved. If it's too difficult, I cannot promise that I can force it out."

"Hey, able people should work more. Not to mention, once you get rid of the Demon King's Power and return the world's laws to their natural order, I will be able to send you back to your original world," the Loli Goddess said, grinning. "Although your body has changed significantly, once you return to Earth with your strength, you'll be able to live whatever kind of life you want. Isn't that a good enough reward for working hard for?"

"Perhaps," Alice said, shaking her head. "Anyway, let's call Aird here first."

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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