Chapter 97 - I Confess, You’re the Hero
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 97 - I Confess, You’re the Hero

After nightfall, Alice kicked Luna out of her ward.

Although Luna had said something about it being a maid's duty to sleep with her master, Alice had chased Luna out of the room without hesitation. After all, even until now, she still hadn't made sense as to why Luna had changed her attitude so quickly.

Alice's previous experience of waking up to the sight of a gigantic spiked club was plenty traumatic, and she had no desire to relive that experience for a second time. Even though Luna no longer had the Demon King's Power and looked like she had moved away from the path of evil, Alice felt that it was better to be safe than sorry.

Moreover, Alice had something she needed to do tonight, so she couldn't afford to let others disturb her.

After sending out everyone in the hospital ward, Alice laid down on her bed and waited for some time. Then, after making sure that nobody would suddenly come in and disturb her, Alice climbed out of bed and reached for the weapon container placed on the bedside table.

When Alice opened the small wooden box, the Hero's Sword promptly popped out of it. Then, after grabbing the Hero's Sword with her right hand, Alice activated the Word of God skill, closed her eyes, and started praying sincerely.

In Alice's opinion, the most troublesome aspect about the Word of God skill would be the part where she needed to pray. Even though the Loli Goddess could freely contact her and speak into her mind, she needed to go through such a troublesome process when she wished to meet with the Loli Goddess.

As an atheist before she transmigrated, Alice found it very tedious to pray with a sincere heart. So, when Alice activated the Word of God skill, what she muttered in her mind sounded more like a wish than a sincere prayer.

For example, the content of Alice's prayer this time was "Please give me more panties."

Similar to when Alice "prayed" previously, her prayer this time had successfully triggered the Word of God skill. Immediately afterward, her consciousness separated from her body and arrived at the Loli Goddess's room. However, before Alice could open her eyes, she heard the Loli Goddess's angry yelling:

"What the hell are you praying for?!?!?!"

"Huh? You're not asleep today?"

Alice was a little surprised as she opened her eyes. This was the first time the Loli Goddess was awake when she visited.

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