Chapter 98 - Don’t Be Frightened by What I Have to Say
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 98 - Don’t Be Frightened by What I Have to Say

According to the Loli Goddess, Aird was currently in her room fiddling with her phone on the bed.

Aird's behavior was a stark contrast to Hatter and, presumably, the other human kings. Because of their heavy workload, the human kings had to frequently work overtime. In contrast, the demon realm's Four Heavenly Kings had their subordinates do the bulk of their work. All they needed to do was give their approval on important matters.

I wonder how Hatter will react if he learns of the Four Heavenly Kings' situation? Will he die from envy?

When Alice recalled the sight of Hatter working well past midnight in the palace, she couldn't help but pity him. Although he wielded great authority as the Gryffin King, his workload was ridiculously massive. It was no wonder why Hatter had such a good reputation in the country. It also explained why nobody was trying to usurp his position…

Being a human king really isn't easy. You'd have to go in prepared to die from overwork. It is a miracle that Hatter managed to maintain such a young appearance.

After thinking of a bunch of nonsense in her head, Alice noticed the Loli Goddess nodding to her, indicating for her to start calling out to Aird.

"Aird? Aird? Can you hear me?"

"Lord Hero?!"

Sure enough, Aird responded as soon as Alice called out to her. There was not the slightest delay at all. Meanwhile, judging by her surprised tone, she probably didn't think that Alice's voice would suddenly appear in her mind.

However, when the Loli Goddess saw this scene, her expression instantly turned ugly. She was probably fuming over the fact that her chosen Hero refused to respond to her calls no matter what.

She was God, for God's sake. Every Hero in the past had behaved respectfully in front of her. Yet, this generation's Hero not only ignored her, but she even had to deal with Alice, the fake Hero who kept thinking about stealing her panties…

Could this world get any worse?

"Cough, cough. It's me," Alice awkwardly said. After all, she knew that the Loli Goddess would tell Aird the truth in a moment, which also meant that her identity as the fake Hero would be exposed. Thus, she couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed when she heard Aird calling her "Lord Hero."

"How did you send your voice into my head, Lord Hero?" After getting over her surprise, Aird quickly posed the question on her mind. After all, Alice had already returned to the human realm as far as she knew. "Are you experimenting with a new ability?"

"No, the Hero doesn't have such an ability… Probably," Alice said with hesitance in her voice. After she considered the fact that the previous Demon King had managed to keep himself alive inside a crystal for centuries, there was no saying if one of the Heroes and Demon Kings in the past could transmit their voice across thousands of kilometers. "I am speaking to you this time using God's ability."

"God?" Aird was momentarily stunned. Then, realization dawned upon her as she said, "I see. Is it the God that has granted you the Hero's Power? How amazing. As expected of Lord Hero."

Please stop talking. The more you worship me now, the more embarrassed I will feel in a moment.

Alice covered her face gloomily. The reason why Aird was speaking in such a respectful tone now was that she still thought of Alice as the Hero.

Faced with this situation, Alice dared not imagine what kind of reaction Aird would have once she found out that she was the real Hero instead.

"Anyway, God has something to say to you this time, so relax your guard in a moment. Don't be too tense and let God carry your consciousness over," Alice said. Although she felt very awkward right now, she needed to go through with what she discussed with the Loli Goddess. "It is very important."

"Are you also there right now, Lord Hero?" Aird asked. "Alright, I will try to loosen my spirit."

"Sure enough, it's effective," the Loli Goddess said with a helpless sigh. Even though she was the God, who was widely believed in this world, yet the influence of her words couldn't even compare to a little girl from another world. This situation caused her pride as God to be severely damaged.

It was fortunate that she was a kind God. Otherwise, she might've kicked Alice out of her room in a fit of rage.

Meanwhile, as soon as the Loli Goddess transported Aird's consciousness to her room, numerous specks of white light appeared in an empty area of the room. Then, under Alice's observation, the specks of light gradually took on colors before eventually transforming into Aird's figure. This was also the first time Alice saw a person's consciousness brought to the Loli Goddess's room from a third person's perspective.

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Aird quickly opened her eyes and was surprised to see the modest room around her. Then, she spotted Alice, who stood in front of her, and excitedly called out, "Lord Hero! Long time no see!"

"It's only been a few days…"

Alice revealed a bitter smile. Even after counting the time she spent resting in the Gryffin Church after returning from the demon realm and the series of incidents involving Luna, Alice had only been separated from Aird for four or five days.

"It's because I missed you, Lord Hero," Aird said with a smile. Then, she looked toward the white-haired loli, who was even shorter than Alice, and exclaimed, "Is this Lord God?"

"That's right! It's me!" the Loli Goddess said, snorting. Then, looking at Aird with her arms crossed, the Loli Goddess continued, "I finally managed to call on you, Aird! I've called out to you more than a dozen times, yet not once did you respond to me!"

"? Did you?" This was the first time Aird had heard about God calling out to her. Then, she curiously asked, "Why would you call out to me? I'm not the Hero."

"No, you are the Hero!" the Loli Goddess said in a sonorous and forceful voice. She had long since wanted to say these words to Aird and have her quickly go and activate the Hero's Sword instead of wasting her time in the demon realm.

"Please don't joke around, Lord God. Isn't Lady Alice the Hero?" Aird said as she pointed at Alice. Then, she fervently shook her head and continued, "I am merely a human from the Vulcan Kingdom working as a spy in the demon realm."

"She is a fake Hero. The reason why she can use the Hero's Sword is because I granted her the rights to use it," the Loli Goddess said as she pointed at Alice. Then, with a hint of annoyance in her voice, she continued, "Meanwhile, you are the true Hero. Didn't you feel your mana getting sucked away when you touched the Hero's Sword before? That is because the Hero's Sword needed your mana to create the seed of the Hero's Power and plant it in your body!"

"Lord God, you can just tell it to me straight if you are just trying to get me to help Lady Alice. If it is something that concerns Lady Alice, then it is something that concerns the entire human race. I won't refuse such a request," Aird said earnestly as she looked at the Loli Goddess. "You don't need to trick me with such a lie to persuade me."


Out of the many years she worked as a God, this was the first time the Loli Goddess was experiencing what it felt like to have a mental breakdown.

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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