Chapter 99 - Is It Really Alright to Have Such a Protagonist?
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 99 - Is It Really Alright to Have Such a Protagonist?

The Loli Goddess might be God, but the amount of influence she held over this world was growing increasingly smaller.

When the world was still a desolate place, she established rules and laid the foundation for this world's stability.

After the birth of living creatures in this world, she set the evolution and ecology of these creatures, slowly guiding them down a long and gradual path of evolution.

Then, after the emergence of sentient races in this world, she gave these sentient creatures, which had evolved into existences much like herself, the fire of civilization, allowing them to develop their own culture and prosperous civilization. However, as the laws of this world gradually stabilized, she also started to have increasing difficulty in creating new laws for this world. This was because each new rule created would mean inserting a new part into an already stable structure, which could potentially lead to the collapse of the entire system.

Moreover, as sentient civilizations became more and more prosperous, people's faith in God and the natural laws also became more and more diluted. Rather than place their trust in God and natural laws, things they could not see, they chose to place their faith in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and mana.

At that point, she could no longer freely interfere with the spirits of sentient creatures such as humans, demons, elves, orcs, etc. They already possessed a will of their own.

Having said all that, there was only one conclusion to be gained out of this.

"If I couldn't recklessly interfere with sentient spirits, I would've changed your goddamned memories already!"

—A Certain Loli Goddess

After spending half an hour trying to convince Aird was the Hero and failing miserably, the Loli Goddess harbored such a vicious thought in her mind as she finally gave up on persuading Aird. She finally understood that Aird was simply an impossible nut to crack. Once Aird had made up her mind on something, anything others said to her would be deemed a lie. Hence, no matter what the Loli Goddess said, Aird simply took it as God telling a friendly lie to convince her to become Alice's support.

Friendly lie my ass! You're the Hero! The Hero!!! Why won't you believe in God's word?!?!

For the first time in her life, the Loli Goddess felt it was a mistake to construct such a sturdy structure for this world's laws. Specifically, she should've left a backdoor in the system to make it so that she could more conveniently insert new laws.

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