Chapter 100 - Dark Forces Enter The Stage
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 100 - Dark Forces Enter The Stage

"So, this is the magic academy's student ID?"

The next day, Alice received the letter of admission and student card for the March Royal School of Magic from Catherine. Catherine had also acquired an admission pass for Luna while she was at it.

The March Royal School of Magic. Just looking at the magic academy's name would let one know that those capable of entering it were either geniuses or nobles. Thus, it wasn't strange for students to take their maids or butlers to school with them, and obtaining an admission pass for Luna wasn't a difficult task.

However, what surprised Alice was that the student ID she received was custom-made. The card was made out of light-blue crystal, and magically engraved on it were Alice's name, year of admission, photo, and the academy's name.

"Yes. Classes officially begin next Monday, which is the day after tomorrow."

Catherine was still clad in armor like yesterday. As captain of the royal guards, she would almost always wear her armor while on duty. Through this, it could be seen that Catherine treated her job very seriously.

It was fortunate that Luna had wiped out Catherine's memory. Otherwise, if the other party remembered that she had been knocked unconscious by a maid, in one hit no less, she would probably start doubting her life.

"The day after tomorrow? But I recall that my friend already started attending classes a few days ago?" Alice was a little surprised to hear Catherine's words. Although she hadn't met Zauna for some days now, they had kept in touch with each other through an online messaging application. Zauna had even sent her a message this morning that included a photo of her visiting the academy's library.

"The March Royal School of Magic opens its doors one week before the official start of classes. So, some students would start attending school one week ahead of time," Catherine explained. "There are typically two types of students attending the magic academy. The first type is students with great potential. These students would usually start attending school as soon as it opens to prepare for their upcoming classes. They are good students who are trying to change their fate through studying."

"I see. It seems Zauna is surprisingly one of those good students," Alice commented, chuckling. Now that she thought back about it, Zauna could indeed be considered a student with great potential, considering that she could already skillfully cast spells after attending only one semester of classes.

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