Chapter 95 - History Repeats
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"At this rate, we're going to have to slaughter the entire hospital…"

Alice felt mentally tired when she looked at the unconscious people on the ground. In addition to the people she had previously knocked out using the Spiritual Strike skill, the Gryffin King Hatter Ceres and three stern-looking middle-aged men had also joined the ranks of unconscious people lying on the ground.

However, these four people weren't the only new additions. Two doctors upstairs who had heard the commotion had come running down and got knocked unconscious by Luna as well. Fortunately, these two doctors didn't have any important duties to attend to, so none of the other doctors upstairs came down to find them. Hence, Alice simply left them by the staircase.

"Should I wake them up?" Luna asked as she stood beside Alice, behaving as if she would go along with Alice's decision and showing no initiative whatsoever. However, probably because she noticed the look of distress on Alice's face, she also suggested, "We can just say that you were experimenting with the Hero's abilities."

"I guess that's our only option…"

After thinking for a moment, Alice found that there was no other reason she could use to explain why the people on an entire floor had been knocked unconscious. The most reasonable solution would be to use her identity as the Hero as cover. Nobody could explain the Hero's abilities, in any case. So, everything would be fine so long as she pushed all the blame to this identity.

Although Alice had been joking when she mentioned the "Hero's privilege" to Zauna, in this world where the Hero was considered part of the natural law, it wasn't an exaggeration to say that the Hero could do whatever they wanted.

Luna nodded to Alice's words. Then, she walked up to King Hatter, helped him onto a bench in the corridor, grabbed his head, and violently shook it.

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Just when Alice wondered if Luna's actions would give Hatter a concussion, Luna let go of Hatter's head. Then, miraculously, Hatter started waking up.

"Hm…? Where am I…"

"Good morning, Your Majesty," Luna said. She stuck to her maid routine despite wearing a hospital gown and politely bowed to Hatter. As the other people on this floor were still unconscious, she did not have to worry about her words as she said, "Lord Hero was experimenting with spirit magic previously and accidentally knocked everyone on this floor unconscious."

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