Chapter 94 - Getting Attacked After Working Overnight, The King Is Really Pitiful
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 94 - Getting Attacked After Working Overnight, The King Is Really Pitiful

As the morning sun shined its rays onto the land, Holl City, the capital of the Gryffin Kingdom, also woke up from its slumber.

Around 5 a.m., a blinding white light that could be seen even from a distance had appeared in the city's most luxurious mansion district. However, as most people had yet to wake up at this hour, not many people had actually noticed it. As for the few who did notice the light, they failed to understand the meaning behind this light.

As a result, by the time the city's reporters learned of the incident and came running to the source of the light, they failed to gather any useful information. The only thing that greeted them was a ruined mansion. Even the large volume of residue light and dark mana had already been collected and taken away by the royal guards. The peculiarity surrounding this incident would probably get it passed down and exaggerated until it eventually became something like an urban legend.

However, this was none of Alice's concerns. She, who was now in cahoots with the former Demon King, was in the midst of carrying out inhumane brainwashing on the royal guards present in the hospital.

"This person plans to disobey orders and anonymously report what happened earlier this morning to the local newspaper in exchange for money," Luna said as she crouched beside a male royal guard, her hands placed on his temples.

The pink-striped panties Luna brought for Alice didn't belong to the Loli Goddess, so it was only an Artifact-grade weapon. The active skill had also changed from "Soul Strike" to "Spiritual Strike." Even so, a taboo-level spiritual attack was already far beyond what any of these royal guards could withstand. So, when Alice activated Spiritual Strike, the royal guards, doctors, nurses, and patients on this floor immediately lost consciousness.

Of course, Alice made sure to have Luna verify that there was no ongoing surgery beforehand to avoid harming other people.

"Good, I'll note it down," Alice said, gnashing her teeth as she wrote down the male royal guard's name in a notepad she had swiped from a doctor's office. She naturally needed to teach a lesson to dishonest people. "Does he have any secrets he doesn't want others to know?"

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