Chapter 93 - I Was Going To Loudly Rebuke Her
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 93 - I Was Going To Loudly Rebuke Her

While Alice was worried about her panty-holding incident resulting in her social death, someone suddenly told her that she could help her solve her troubles in this regard.

Would Alice reject the offer? Of course not. So long as Luna's method didn't involve killing off all witnesses, Alice was more than willing to let Luna help her deal with her problem.

However, despite Alice telling Luna not to murder anyone, Luna's actions were still a little beyond Alice's expectations.

"Will this really make her forget about that scene?" Alice asked as she looked at Catherine, whom Luna had knocked unconscious.

Catherine was potentially the strongest fighter the Gryffin Kingdom had to offer. Yet, faced against Alice the Fake Hero and Luna the Former Demon King's plotting, Catherine didn't even manage to draw her sword before she got knocked unconscious by Luna with a club. Of course, it wasn't a spiked club but a blunt club instead. Had Luna used a spiked club, she would've probably done more than just knock Catherine unconscious. So, Luna had avoided creating any spikes when forming her club.

"Knocking her unconscious is only one part of the process."

For some inexplicable reason, after Luna found out that Alice was the Hero, she became very obedient all of a sudden. It was like she had truly settled into the role of being Alice's maid. Meanwhile, in response to Alice's question, Luna explained, "My secondary magic is spirit magic. I have developed it to a very high level thanks to the Demon King's Power, so altering a small part of a person's memories isn't a problem for me."

"Is that so… I see." Alice nodded to show understanding as she crouched down to check on the unconscious Catherine. Indeed, Luna had managed to plant the Demon King's Power in Hatter's body and use it to influence Hatter's spirit. This proved that Luna should have significant attainments in the field of spirit magic. So, it was understandable that her secondary magic was spirit magic. "By the way, don't alter her memories first."


Although Luna was puzzled, she still retracted her hands from Catherine's head.

As to why Alice had Luna hold her actions temporarily, it was because she wanted to see what Catherine's standard was at. After all, according to the person herself, it would seem that Catherine was the strongest warrior in the Gryffin Kingdom. In that case, her weapon quality should be considerably high.

[Weapon: Mana Rich Catherine]

[Quality: Legendary]

[Effect: Strength +500, Speed +500, Control +500, Mana +500]

[Additional Effect:

Hundred Refinement Sword (Passive Skill. Maxed proficiency in swordsmanship. Destructive power when using a sword is doubled);

Magic Sword (Passive Skill. You can imbue mana into your sword, letting it deal additional magic damage);

Manliness (Passive Skill. Greatly reduces attraction to men.)]

"How pitiful."

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Alice released Catherine's hand and looked at the royal guard captain with pitying eyes.

Honestly, Catherine was a stunningly beautiful woman. Moreover, because of her mastery over swordsmanship, she gave off a heroic aura that one would rarely see on females. Overall, she should be the ideal spouse for most men.

Unfortunately, perhaps because Catherine was too strong, she had gained the additional effect of Manliness. With this passive skill in place, Catherine would probably have a hard time finding a boyfriend in the future.

Seeing that Alice was seemingly done with whatever she was going, Luna placed her hands on the sides of Catherine's head. Then, black mist flowed out of her palms and flowed into Catherine's head, the sight causing Alice to feel uncomfortable in the head.

If anyone were to see this black mist entering their head, they would probably feel incredibly uncomfortable. At this time, Alice couldn't help but wonder if knocking Catherine unconscious was a necessary part of Luna's solution or it was merely to prevent Catherine from putting up a struggle.

"It seems that scene occupies a considerably significant place in her memories," Luna explained while modifying Catherine's memories. "It's probably because she had only seen that impactful scene not long ago… Especially under the focus of all those headlights, that scene gives off the feeling of a world-famous painting."

"Please stop talking."

Alice covered her face unpleasantly. Though, she didn't find it strange that Catherine would remember that scene so vividly. Any normal person would be shocked by such a scene, so it was normal for the memory of that scene to remain fresh in Catherine's mind.

This was also why Alice planned to have Luna modify the memories of the other royal guards as well. Otherwise, should any one of these people fail to keep their mouths shut and share this matter with others, her death in society would be all but guaranteed.

"But I can only do this one at a time. So, if you want to remove the memories of the other people, we'll need to knock them unconscious as well," Luna said as she retracted her hands from Catherine's head, the entire memory modification process lasting less than a minute.

By the looks of it, it was relatively easy for Luna to remove a segment of a person's memories. Only, several dozen people had seen Alice holding onto a pair of panties. When Alice thought about how many people she would need to knock unconscious, her head started to ache.

"All of those people should be standing guard in the corridor outside, right?" After giving the matter some thought, Alice asked, "Do you have a way to silently knock all of them unconscious?"

"It's a little difficult. The manifestation of dark mana is rather noticeable," Luna said. "However, I brought this with me."

After saying so, Luna took out a pair of pink-striped panties from her hospital gown's pocket and handed it to Alice.


Alice fell silent when she saw the pink-striped panties in Luna's hand. She naturally remembered the effects of this category of panties. She had previously received one from the Loli Goddess, after all. Ignoring the passive skills that could be found on most panties, its active skill was "Soul Strike."

Soul Strike's ability was rather simple. When activated, it released a spiritual blast that would crumble the minds of those hit by it. Of course, Alice could tune down the skill's power, making it so that it would only knock her targets unconscious instead of turning them into vegetables.

It was also normal for Luna to know about the abilities of pink-striped panties. Alice had previously used a pair of pink-striped panties when attacking the Demon King's Power, and Luna had spectated the entire scene as she lay on the ground.

Rather than the fact that Luna had figured out her ability, Alice was more concerned about where Luna had acquired this pink-striped underwear.

"This thing?" When Luna heard Alice's question, she tilted her head and said, "It belongs to a nurse in the operating room. I thought it might come in handy, so I stripped all of the female nurses' underwear before coming here."

After saying so, Luna earnestly pulled out several pairs of panties of varying colors and designs.

Seeing this, Alice didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. She also didn't know whether she should praise Luna or rebuke her.

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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