Chapter 92 - Maid +1
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Although Alice didn't get injured, she was still admitted into a high-class ward to get some rest. After all, when Catherine arrived at the scene, she found Alice to be in a haggard state.

Luna, on the other hand, was sent straight to the operating room. Although Catherine found it astonishing that Luna's heart was recovering even after getting pierced, she decided it'd be best for Luna to have her wound stitched to avoid any unforeseen accidents.

Though, probably because Luna usually behaved like a normal person in the intelligence department, neither Catherine nor any of the other royal guards who knew Luna felt that the silver-haired maid hobbyist was actually the culprit of the bottle of residue dark mana. Naturally, they never suspected that Luna was the Demon King, who had fought with the Hero, either.

After knocking on the ward's door and getting a response, Catherine opened the door and entered the ward. Then, she found Alice slumped in a chair, looking like she was in a bad mood.

After all, how could she not be in a bad mood? The sight of her holding onto a pair of panties that radiated holy light had been seen. Moreover, it wasn't just one person that saw her, but a group instead.

Back then, the headlights of numerous cars had brightly illuminated her, spotlighting her to the several dozen stern-looking warriors. Just thinking about the scene back then caused Alice's heart to crumble. If she hadn't been training her mental tolerance recently, she would've probably used the blue-striped panties' "Heaven's Spirit" on the spot.

"That… Lord Hero?"

Previously, Catherine could still behave normally when she was in front of Alice. However, after knowing that Alice was the Hero, Catherine couldn't help but act more cautiously. After all, Alice was clearly in a bad mood right now.

"......I'm here."

Alice looked up at Catherine, depression coloring her face. It would seem that the Royal Guard Captain before her had already found out about her identity from Hatter.

However, Alice wasn't too worried about her identity getting exposed since Catherine didn't seem like the type of person to gossip. Not to mention, "royal guard" sounded like it was an army working directly under the Gryffin Kingdom's king. So, Catherine should obey Hatter's orders and wouldn't recklessly share such crucial information with others...probably?

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