Chapter 91 - Maybe This Is the Hero
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 91 - Maybe This Is the Hero

The reason why the female warrior named Catherine could become the captain of the Gryffin Kingdom's Royal Guard naturally wasn't because she relied on her connections. Instead, she had relied on her extraordinary strength.

Since childhood, she had shown outstanding talent, combining magic and swordplay to create her own way of fighting. Even in her teens, she had already become the strongest combatant in the entire Gryffin Kingdom. The kingdom's citizens even labeled her the strongest human after the Hero.

Of course, Catherine knew that this reference was unlikely to be true. The other human kingdoms must have their respective powerhouses in their armies. But even so, her desire to grow stronger and her failure to find a worthy opponent had always made her wonder how strong the Hero of legends was.

According to the information in history books, nobody could intervene in a battle between the Hero and the Demon King. In other words, even with the extraordinary strength she possessed now, she might be nothing but an insignificant ant in front of the Hero.

Today, though, Catherine's view of the Hero was destined to crumble.

"What did you say, Your Majesty?!"

Standing outside the hospital ward housing Alice, Catherine subconsciously shouted at the phone in astonishment. Then, after noticing a few royal guards casting questioning gazes at her, she hastily lowered her voice and asked in an incredulous voice, "That Miss Alice is the Hero???"

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that the whole of humanity had placed their attention on the Hero's existence. In only a matter of days, the Hero's LINK account had already become the most followed LINK account in the world, far surpassing even the follower count of celebrities.

Catherine was naturally one of those many followers. Moreover, she had innocently believed that the content posted on the Hero's LINK account and thought that the Hero was a tall and muscular man—which would fit Catherine's impression of a powerhouse.

Yet, now, the king was telling her that the unassuming little girl she protected was none other than the legendary Hero?

"Are you joking with me, Your Majesty…" Catherine's mouth twitched subconsciously, her reaction indicating how unsettled she felt right now. "Miss Alice looks completely different from the description posted on the Hero's LINK account."

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