Chapter 8 - The Demon King is Gone, So What's The Hero For?
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 8 - The Demon King is Gone, So What's The Hero For?

It's over.

The instant the panties vanished from her hand, Alice immediately had a sinking feeling. The panties she lost this time didn't belong to her, but Zauna instead. Now that she had activated Gaia's Power, Zauna's bear panties would probably vanish without a trace, just like her white panties.

Unfortunately, the skill activation would not stop just because Alice wished for it. Hence, Alice could only awkwardly watch as the bear panties transformed into a streak of golden light that shot into the sky. Then, the beam transformed into a huge curtain of light that descended from the sky and shrouded the forest in front of Alice, crushing innumerable trees into pieces.

Alongside the trees, the curtain of light had also crushed the wolf king standing in front of Alice into a pancake. Moreover, the light curtain appeared to have mass as no blood splatters had occurred. The curtain had simply flattened and killed the wolf king on the spot.

Alice felt a little heartache at this sight. Now that the wolf king's corpse had been turned into such a state, there was no way she could use it as a weapon. This was a huge loss. After all, even as a corpse, the wolf king should be a much better weapon compared to the Milu Rabbit.

However, compared to Alice, Zauna had a completely different perspective of this situation. She had just regained consciousness and had yet to notice that her panties were no longer attached to her body. And because she had yet to recover her stamina and mana, so she had to struggle to even sit up. Meanwhile, as soon as she sat up and lifted her head, the first thing she saw was the spectacular scene before her—a gigantic curtain of light had flattened the entire forest in front of her, and even the wolf king that had been hunting them had been turned into a sheet of paper. Meanwhile, Alice, who stood before this curtain of light, had an unexpectedly holy appearance.

"Gulp," Zauna anxiously swallowed her saliva as she suddenly realized something—the forest located some distance away from Alice's previous campsite had similarly been destroyed and flattened.

Initially, Zauna had not linked the strange phenomenon with Alice. However, after seeing this sight in front of her, Zauna was almost certain that the disappearance of the forest was Alice's doing. Moreover, this majestic power definitely wasn't something an ordinary magician was capable of. Rather, this power was already on the level of Gods.

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