Chapter 9 - Could I Really Be The Hero?
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 9 - Could I Really Be The Hero?

Even until the end, Zauna failed to figure out where her panties had disappeared to. After all, by the time Zauna woke up, she had already missed the scene of Alice holding her underwear. Instead, what Zauna saw was Alice holding up her right hand and calling down a golden curtain of light from the sky. No matter how Zauna thought about it, there was no way she could link Alice's holy appearance with that of an underwear thief. It was even more impossible for her to figure out that her bear panties were the origin of the divine light curtain and humongous mountain.

Not to mention, Alice had also provided a theory to the disappearance of Zauna's panties, saying that the wolf king's fireball might have burnt it previously. Although Zauna couldn't understand how the wolf king's fireball managed to burn her panties while leaving the lower half of her robe intact, this was also the only plausible reason she could think of right now. Hence, Zauna decided not to continue looking into this matter. Instead, she focused on bearing the airy feeling while leading Alice back to human civilization.

Fortunately, there was no one else here except Alice, so Zauna didn't have to worry about more people noticing her lack of underwear. As for Alice's identity, although Alice herself insisted that she had lost her memories, Zauna still believed that the blonde girl was someone related to the Hero. Even if Alice wasn't the Hero, she must be something like the Hero's companion. Otherwise, there would be no explanation for how that divine phenomenon came to being.

"Even if I am the Hero, there's no Demon King right now, so wouldn't me being a Hero be pointless?" Alice said.

Currently, Alice and Zauna were standing on a spacious stone road that ran through the Gryffin Forest. They had arrived at this road thanks to the guidance of an alchemy program on Zauna's phone. Although rarely anybody used this road, Zauna could still use her mobile phone to call for a car to pick them up. Seeing all of these things, Alice had to admit that this world wa

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Novel Notes

PHA is going on a hiatus until January 1st, 2023. It's becoming increasingly stressful to translate PHA due to all the unneccessarily elaborate yet unimportant contexts, so I've decided to take a break from PHA and have a go at it again next year.
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