Chapter 7 - Immortal Bear (Kuma Pantsu Banzai!)
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 7 - Immortal Bear (Kuma Pantsu Banzai!)

Indeed. Since the unconscious Milu Rabbit could be used as a weapon, it should also be possible to use the unconscious Zauna as a weapon. Although it would hurt (Zauna) to swing and hit things using Zauna, it would be a much better alternative than to let the wolf king roast and eat them. Moreover, in the off chance that Zauna's effect provided Alice with several dozen points in Speed, Alice wouldn't even have to fight the wolf king. She could just run away with Zauna in hand.

Thinking up to this point, Alice hurriedly lunged at Zauna's unconscious body before the wolf king managed to recover its mana and launch another round of attacks. Then, she held up Zauna's legs with both hands. Although Alice didn't seem like she was wielding a weapon while holding onto Zauna's legs, it did not matter. So long as her right hand was holding onto the target object, it didn't matter if she wielded the item with both hands; the system would still treat the object as a weapon. This was something Alice had verified through her tests.

Then, as expected, the moment Alice held up Zauna's legs, she felt power flowing into her body. Simultaneously, information about the weapon she wielded also appeared in her mind.

[Weapon: Mana Depleted Zauna]

[Quality: Garbage]

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[Effect: Strength +1, Speed +1]

[Additional Effect: None]

"You're even worse than a Milu Rabbit!!!"

Alice got a headache looking at Zauna's statistics. The unconscious Milu Rabbit had an effect of Strength +2 and Speed +2. Its quality was also rated as "Not Bad." Yet, despite being significantly larger in size and an apprentice magician to boot, Zauna only provided a boost of Strength +1 and Speed +1. She was even rated as "Garbage," a rating similar to stones and tree branches that could be found anywhere. This was simply terrible.

Of course, there was also a possibility that this poor performance resulted from Zauna's mana deficiency, as indicated by her prefix. In comparison, the Milu Rabbit's prefix was "With Some Mana." If Alice could replenish Zauna's mana, the outcome should be slightly better.

However, Alice had more pressing concerns to deal with right now. While the wolf king might not have recovered all of its mana, it was already capable of executing another round of attacks. It was also more than capable of dealing with Alice.

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