Chapter 6 - Alice Refuses to Die Unarmed
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 6 - Alice Refuses to Die Unarmed

The forest Alice currently resided in was called the Gryffin Forest. It was a virgin forest located at the edge of the Gryffin Kingdom. As the forest lacked any unique resources and was infested by beasts, the Gryffin Kingdom did not set the forest as a reclamation target. Instead, the kingdom left it as a place for warriors and magicians to harvest common materials. Hence, under normal circumstances, the Gryffin Forest generally did not have human inhabitants. And although there would occasionally be people entering the woods to search for materials, they tended not to travel too deep into the forest.

Meanwhile, not only did Alice appear in the depths of the Gryffin Forest, but she had also continued to travel deeper into the forest. This naturally made it impossible for her to encounter other humans. If Zauna hadn't been searching for a material that could only be found in the depths of the forest, Alice would've probably had to stay much longer in the forest.

Looking at this situation, Alice didn't know whether to consider herself lucky or unlucky. Nevertheless, she managed to hit the brakes in time and did not continue going deeper into the forest. Otherwise, she would be making her way to the mountain range serving as the Gryffin Kingdom's national border. And with Alice's physique, she definitely wouldn't be capable of crossing the mountain range.

"But something strange seems to have happened in the forest depths. If you walk a little further ahead from your camp, you'll see that a whole section of the forest there is destroyed. The ground there is also covered in wood chips. It looked as if a dragon had slept and rolled around there," Zauna explained the strange scene she saw while showing Alice the way back to human civilization. Then, she asked, "Since you've been living here for some time now, do you have any ideas what happened?"

How the heck would I know? Alice innocently shook her head, pretending not to know anything about the devastated forest.

Alice had originally thought people living nearby would see Purification Blade's blinding light. However, she didn't think that there would be a mountain range further ahead. So, it was probably safe to assume that nobody saw the strange phenomenon. Since that was the case, Alice did not need to reveal information on this matter. After all, there was no way she could explain Purification Blade's origins. She couldn't possibly say that she accidentally destroyed a section of the Gryffin Forest after trying to hit a black wolf with her panties, right?

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