Chapter 5 - Save the Milu Rabbit
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Alice hid behind a tree and carefully observed the suspected magician, a suspected female wielding a suspected mobile phone in her hand and suspected of taking pictures of Alice's campsite.

Then, after watching the suspicious target for a while, Alice saw the other party tapping her finger on the mobile phone-like device, put it up to her ear, and started speaking into it. Seeing up to this point, Alice determined that the glass plate was a mobile phone. The object might not be called a mobile phone in this world, but it definitely had functions similar to that of a mobile phone. It might be a magical creation unique to this world.

Alice quietly watched as the other party finished her phone call at her campsite. Then, she saw the magician girl walking up to the Milu Rabbit tied to a nearby tree, crouched down, and teased the bunny a little. To Alice's surprise, that Milu Rabbit behaved quite normally when she wasn't around.

However, even after the magician girl stopped playing with the rabbit, the fellow still showed no intentions of leaving. Instead, she sat down on a stool Alice had crudely made out of wood. Seeing this, Alice judged that the other party planned to wait for her, the campsite's owner, to return.

After thinking about it, Alice eventually decided to go out and meet this person. After all, this could potentially be her only opportunity to leave this forest. If she refused to show herself and missed this opportunity, she didn't know when it would be the next time she met another human again. Although Alice suspected the other party to be a magician, the magician was at least alone. Even if a conflict arose, she should still have a fighting chance.

Thinking up to this point, Alice couldn't help but miss her panties. She wouldn't have had to concern herself with such worries if she still had her panties in hand.

After making up her mind, Alice walked out of her cover and finally got a clear look at the person sitting at her campsite. Just like Alice had thought, the other party was indeed a girl. Moreover, the girl didn't seem to be very old.

Meanwhile, the magician girl also noticed Alice walking out from behind the tree. In response to Alice's appearance, the girl hurriedly stood up, extended a hand to the pouch tied around her waist, waved her hand above it, and summoned a long staff out of thin air. Then, she wielded the staff in her hand and solemnly faced Alice.

Sure enough, you can't say you've traveled to another world until you've seen a spatial tool.

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